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Signal Integrity / EMC, EMI & EM-Modeling Software

Sonnet Software, Inc.
CONTACT: Sales / Support / Info
PHONE: Toll Free North America: 877.7SONNET (877.776.6638) / Local: 315.453.3096
FAX: 315.451.1694
* sales@sonnetsoftware.com
* support@sonnetsoftware.com
* info@sonnetsoftware.com
ADDRESS: 126 N. Salina St.
Syracuse, New York 13202 USA
* Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
* Signal Integrity / EMC, EMI & EM-Modeling Software
At Sonnet, we've been developing 3D planar EM software since 1983, and our software has earned a solid reputation as the world's most accurate commercial high frequency planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis tool suite for single and multi-layer planar circuits and antennas. Our software provides very precise layout-based electrical model extraction of passive circuits and planar transmission lines from kHz through THz frequencies.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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