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Solderpaste Stencil Software

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Pick & Place Software

Infinite Graphics Incorporated
CONTACT: Gary Stoll & Ron Videen
PHONE: 612.721.6283
FAX: 612.721.3802
E-MAIL: sales@igi.com
ADDRESS: 4611 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406 USA
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ and IPC-2581 Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
* Solderpaste Stencil Software
* Photoplotting / Photomasks - Services
Generate Solderpaste Stencil software finds components and/or devices on a circuit board, integrates an assembly house’s specifications along with a unique customer’s set of design rules and then makes the necessary edits in a highly automated process. The software actually gets “smarter” as the customer uses the program thanks to a component library that tracks each and every project the customer loads into the system, identifying previously encountered components in the next project to speed up the process. Without Generate Solderpaste Stencil, manual edits can take hours or days of expensive engineering time. Thanks to the automation provided by Generate Solderpaste Stencil, it can be seconds for the actual modifications and minutes for review.

Vayo (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.
PHONE: +86.21.6118.2128
E-MAIL: sales@vayoinfo.com
ADDRESS: Room 1206, No.2 Building, Advanced Manufacturing
Technology Innovation Park, No.2388 Xiupu Road, Shanghai, China 201315
* NPI/CIMS Software
* Solderpaste Stencil Software
* Electronic Test Software
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
* Design for Fabrication / Design Validation Software
Vayo’s VayoPro series NPI software products (DFM,SMT,DFT/Test, Document, View, SPI, Flexa Accelerator & etc.) have been adapted by both domestic & international electronics companies. The end-users are from multinational companies, foreign companies, joint-venture companies, China private companies and China institutes. Meanwhile Vayo establish constructive partnership with global equipment provider of SMT, Teser, SPI & AOI; offering customized software solutions to them. Vayo’s business not only covers manufacturing concentrated area in China, but also setup distribution network in manufacturing concentrated countries of Europe & Southeast Asia area. Now Vayo is entering the new era of full-scale business development
* Design for manufacturing
* Placement Programming
* DFT & tester programming
* Work instruction document
* Gerber view & conversion
* Board view & repair

VisualCAM Stencils
Wise Software, Inc.
PHONE: 503.554.8855
FAX: 503.554.1220
E-MAIL: info@wssi.com
ADDRESS: 2700 E. 9th Street Suite 100
Newberg, Oregon 97132 USA
CATEGORIES: Solderpaste Stencil Software
VisualCAM Stencils is a dedicated Stencil/Paste design tool.
This potent new tool delivers all the features needed for complete control of your stencil/paste creation, modification, verification and reporting.
Powerful enough to provide automatic detection and conversion of components using Footprint Libraries and Shape Sets, yet flexible enough to handle unusual data.
VisualCAM Stencils gives you full command over your Stencil/Paste generation needs.
Wise Software, Inc. also produces GerbTool, a full-featured CAM software system.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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