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Signal Integrity / EMC, EMI & EM-Modeling Software

CST of America®, Inc.
CONTACT: See web page for a list of representatives
PHONE: 508.665.4400
FAX: 508.665.4401
E-MAIL: info@us.cst.com
ADDRESS: US Headquarters - 492 Old Connecticut Path, Suite 505
Framingham, Massachusetts 01701
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation Software
CST offers a wide range of software products to address simulation challenges in the core markets microwaves & RF, EDA & electronics, EMC/EMI, charged particle dynamics, and statics & and low frequency.
At the center of CST's product offering is CST STUDIO SUITE™, which comprises CST’s full 3D electromagnetic simulation as well as other tools, dedicated to specific problems such as cable harness or EM/circuit co-simulation.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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