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Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers

Fortex Engineering Ltd.
PHONE: +44 (0) 1522 718168
E-MAIL: sales@fortex.co.uk
ADDRESS: Fortex Ltd, Unit 16, Freeman Road
Lincoln, LN6 9AP, UK
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers
* Supplies and Consumables
Fortex Limited was founded in 1972 and continues to have an enviable reputation as a leading European designer, manufacturer and supplier of Production equipment principally for the production of Prototype or low volume quantities of Printed Circuit Boards and Photo Chemically Milled Etched Metal Parts.
Over the years Fortex has applied their Expertise in precision engineering to allow the development of a range of production equipment to meet the needs of customers that are typically Industrial Users including Electronics Manufacturers, Photo Fabrication and Photo Chemical Etching, Educational Establishments teaching Electronics , Sign Makers, Professional Model Kit Manufacturers and Engravers.
Fortex Machinery and Equipment is found worldwide in many Leading Educational Establishments including schools colleges, Universities, Cutting Edge Manufacturing Plants as well as research and development centres. The majority of the equipment is manufactured and assembled in house in the UK based dedicated manufacturing facility.
Due to the companies on going commitment of quality, value and enviable customer service we are able to offer an unrivalled range of products and service into global markets. Fortex exports worldwide through a network of sales representatives and service agents whom cover most Geographical areas, to communicate and service all of our customers needs.
Products include:
* Artwork Films & Pens
* Artwork Light Boxes
*Brush Cleaning Machines
*Chemicals and Etchants
*Circuit Design & PCB Layout Software
*CNC Centre Drilling & Routing
*Conveyorised Board Dryer Machines
*Conveyorised Spray Processing/Etching Machines
*Damper Cover Fabric
*Dip Coating Machines
*DRS Dust Removal Cleaning Rollers & Tacky Pads
*Dry Film Laminators
*Heating and Drying Ovens
*Ionex Water Treatment
*Marine Cameras
*Metal Shears and Precision Guillotines
*Multi Layer PCB Press
*PCB Assembly
*PCB Drilling & Routing Machines
*PCB Laminates
*PCB Processing Units & Tanks
*PCB Production Accessories
*Photo Plotters
*Rapid PCB Prototyping Centre
*Reflow Ovens
*Roller Tinning Machines
*Screen Printing
*SMT Prototyping Products
*Through Hole Plating Lines
*UV Exposure Units

Limata GmbH
FAX: +
E-MAIL: info@limata.de
ADDRESS: Gutenbergstr. 4
85737 Ismaning, Germany
CATEGORIES: Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers
Limata GmbH, headquartered in Munich/Ismaning (Germany), is a provider of Direct Imaging System solutions for the global PCB manufacturing industry and adjacent markets.
LIMATA‘s system solution offerings are aligned with the industrial market trend of an increasing use of maskless direct imaging during the PCB manufacturing process (versus conventional mask contact lithography). With staff, operations and/or value added distributor partnerships in all key PCB manufacturing regions, LIMATA serves its key account customer base locally supported by a dedicated engineering and applications team in Munich (Germany). PCB applications imaged (exposed) on LIMATA equipment include all standard and advanced PCB boards as well as custom and growing PCB applications in the area of thick copper (ceramic) and oversized panels.

MIVA Technologies GmbH
CONTACT: General inquiries
PHONE: +49 (0) 7031.75600
FAX: +49 (0) 7031.756030
E-MAIL: info@mivatec.com
Benzstrasse 17, 71101 Schönaich, Germany
P.O.Box 1221, 71095 Schönaich, Germany
CATEGORIES: Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers
MIVA Technologies GmbH is a German company dedicated to development, production and customer servicing of flatbed imaging systems. It is our aim through technical innovation to optimise exposure speed, accuracy, resolution and reliability affordably, to establish a lasting and constructive relationship with our customers by offering fast, cost-effective production and service solutions, and by upgrading software and hardware if required. A wide range of plotter sizes (7.5 cm to 6m) and resolutions (3000dpi to 128000 dpi) coupled with closed-loop high positional accuracy, low investment and service costs have been realised to-date.

E-MAIL: info@ucamco.com
ADDRESS: Bijenstraat 19
9051 Gent, Belgium
BTW / VAT be 0475 099 268
* Pre-production CAM and Engineering Software
* Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers
Ucamco (former Barco ETS) is a market leader in PCB CAM and Pre-CAM Software, Laser Photoplotters and Direct Imaging Systems. We have many years of continuous experience developing and supporting leading-edge front-end tooling solutions for the global PCB industry. We help fabricators world-wide raise yields, increase factory productivity, and cut enterprise risks and costs.
Laser Photoplotters:
Our laser photoplotters are accepted world-wide as the benchmark for accuracy, throughput and reliability.
We offer a choice of “drop-in” models for customers who want the highest plot speed, or the finest features (down to 5micron), or the best all-round combination of speed, resolution and price.
Our laser photoplotters are available in various throughput and fine-line capability models to best suit our customer’s photo tooling production needs.
Direct Imaging:
Direct Imaging technology from SCREEN
Produced by SCREEN in Japan, a leading PCB equipment manufacturer, and with over 550 systems sold, the Ledia Direct Imaging system delivers field-proven reliability and throughput. Seven out of ten of the largest global PCB manufacturers work with Ledia. This workhorse is available in Europe exclusively through Ucamco, with 21 installations. Ledia is supported by Ucamco's local network of highly skilled engineers and with a local spare parts stock, resulting in unbeatable uptime.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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