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Photoplotting / Photomasks - Services

Gray PCB Services
CONTACT: James Gray
PHONE: 850.217.0520
E-MAIL: jim@graypcbservices.com
ADDRESS: 7357 Westminster Dr.
Navarre, Florida 32566
* Artwork Scanning Services
* Data Conversion Services
* Photoplotting/Photomasks - Services
* Front-End Engineering Services
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
Scanning Services - Gray PCB Services can capture an intelligent database from your artwork - film, paper drawings and even bare boards.
Database Conversions - Gray PCB Services can support many types of design format conversions, providing the customer a database with intelligent symbols and connectivity. Also dxf and dwg files can be converted to a gerber file database.
Photoplotting Services - Gray PCB Services can provide you with photoplots from your gerber data. Upon request, plot files recieved by 2pm CST can ship the same day for next day delivery.
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing - If your looking for someone to manufacture your pc boards, Gray PCB Services can provide you with that as well.

Fineline Imaging, Inc.
CONTACT: Richard J “Rich” Sayer
PHONE: 719.268.8319
FAX: 719.268.8399
E-MAIL: plotting@fineline-imaging.com
ADDRESS: 4733 Centennial Blvd.
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80919
CATEGORIES: Photoplotting
Fineline Imaging offers high resolution photoplotting (up to 50,800 dpi) photo-tooling, data conversion & CAD services.

Infinite Graphics Incorporated
CONTACT: Gary Stoll & Ron Videen
PHONE: 612.721.6283
FAX: 612.721.3802
E-MAIL: sales@igi.com
ADDRESS: 4611 East Lake Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
CATEGORIES: Photoplotting / Photomasks
Infinite Graphics Incorporated is a total solutions, precision graphics company that has served the engineering and manufacturing marketplaces since 1969. IGI provides one of the widest ranges of precision photoplotting and graphics services available from a single source.
· Photomasks - Glass/Quartz Chrome Emulsion Iron Aluminum · Film Plotting to 16,000 dpi ·
· Large Area Masks to 24" x 32" · Minimum Feature Size 2µ · Feature Tolerance .25µ ·
· Quick Turnaround Time · CAD/CAM Solutions · Engineering Solutions · Turnkey Systems ·

Photozone Electronics
CONTACT: Prashant
PHONE: 91.251.2675236
E-MAIL: photozonegraphics@gmail.com
ADDRESS: B-301, Motibhai Tower, Near Railway Station
Badlapur (W) Maharashtra, 421503 India
CATEGORIES: Photoplotting / Photomasks
Photozone specializes in Laser photo plotting services & cam services for the Printed circuit Board industry. Laser Photo plotting includes free steping, mirroring and merging. Photozone is the premier Laser photo plotting service for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry. Photozone offers 24 hours quick turn service.

The Photoplot Store
CONTACT: Richard Sayer, Director of Worldwide Sales
PHONE, Voice/VM/Cell: +1 719.331.0739
FAX to Secure Email via www.PamFax.biz: +1 719.203.1371
E-MAIL: rjsayer@photoplotstore.com, richardjsayer@pcmdesign.com, email: photoplotstore@hushmail.com, phototool@hotmail.com, photoplotstore@gmail.com
TEXT MSG'S: +1 719.331.0739
Skype: richardjamessayer
FTP ADDRESS: secure & direct Internet uploads at http://www.photoplotstore.com
ADDRESS: 3246 Centennial Blvd. #365
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
CATEGORY: Large Area Photomasks and Precision Photoplots
The International Phototool Company provides precision tooling used in the manufacture of a wide range of products, such as:
* Flat Panel, Character, and other Digital Display Systems
* Flex/Rigid/Multilayer Circuits
* Electronic Packaging Systems
* Precision Industrial Control Systems
* Commercial Lasers and Projection Systems, and a wide range of other Photo Chemically Machined and Electroformed products
* Targets and test patterns

Our product lines include:
* Large Area Photomask masters on glass up to 66”x126” – laser imaged at near-to-sub-micron resolution
* Standard sized E-Beam, PG, and LPG Photomasks from 3" sq. to 7" sq., with image sizes down to 2 microns or less
* Super precise Laser Photoplots at 1/25.4th-mil (1.0 micron) resolution up to 28" x 32"
* Precision Normal sized Laser Photoplots up to 31" x 43" from 1/4th-mil to 1/20th-mil resolution
* Monster-Sized 1/5th-mil resolution Laser Photoplots up to 63”x 96”

We have decades of experience to provide you with advanced engineering services, including:
* specialized etch formulas
* narrow channels and through-holes (less than mat’l. thickness)
* single-sided and double-sided
* multi-depth and multipass
* precision serifs for super-sharp corners
* thieving
* precision complex forming compensations to generate the most accurate flat-pattern layouts.

We routinely process all flavors of Gerber, plus DWG/DXF, GDSII, CIF, and even PostScript data.
Precision optical hole punching in film.
Overnight and Worldwide shipping - we do it every day!
VISA, M/C, AMEX, PAYPAL - Quick & Easy online account application.
Free CAD Software and much, much more!

The Photoplot Store is a wholly owned subsidiary of the International Phototool

Company, est. 1989. Let us help you blow your competition out of the water!

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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