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BGA Reballing Systems & Services

Air-Vac Engineering
PHONE: 203.888.9900
FAX: 203.888.1145
E-MAIL: rework.sales@air-vac-eng.com
ADDRESS: Corporate Headquarters
30 Progress Avenue
Seymour, Connecticut 06483 USA
* BGA Reballing Systems & Services
* Rework / Repair Services & Tools
Air-Vac is committed to producing the highest quality rework/repair, selective soldering/desoldering and assembly systems designed with the capability and flexibility required to meet changing customer and industry requirements.

Beam On Technology
PHONE: 408.982.0161
FAX: 408.982.0164
E-MAIL: bot@beamon.com
ADDRESS: 2318 Calle De Luna
Santa Clara, California 95054 USA
* Solder Paste Stencil Manufacturers
* BGA Reballing Systems & Services
* Inspection Templates
* PCB Test Fixtures & Electronic / Mechanical Test / Assembly Fixtures
Beam On Technology Corporation was established in October 1992, founded by manufacturing engineers with extensive knowledge and expertise in the assembly process. Our sole purpose was to provide integrated service products to the SMT assembly industry engineered for ease of use while impacting yield, and this continues to be our goal.
Since the introduction of our first revolutionary product “Band Etch Technology™ for Stencils”, we are constantly introducing new products that respond to changes in technology. By working closely with our customers in product development, we can go the “extra mile” to meet their needs.
Our Family of Service Products include:
* Solder Paste Stencils…Our proprietary Band Etch Technology™ and laser cut stencils
* Multi Step stencils
* Our "PrintPart System" which is used to print directly on component contacts
* Rework mini stencils
* Inspection Template Overlay
* SPin Plate (Support Pin Locator Plate)
* Surface Mount Transport Plates
* Selective and Non-Selective Wave Solder Pallets
* Press Fit Fixtures
* Printed Circuit Board Stiffeners
* Metal Squeegee Blades and Blade Assemblies
* Ball Grid Array (BGA) re-ball fixtures
* Box Build Assembly Aids
* Photo Plotting

eTech, Inc.
PHONE: Toll free: 888.400.5868 / Local: 512.833.5868
FAX: 512.692.1844
E-MAIL: txsolutions@corfin.com
ADDRESS: 33 Cypress Blvd., Suite 400
Round Rock, Texas 78665 USA
* Assembly Services / Contract Manufacturing / Project Management & Turnkey Services
* BGA Reballing Systems & Services
* PCB Inspection / Rework Services
Each project comes with its own challenges. Each solution must be unique. From replacing a simple component to reworking or assembling complex package-on-package stacks, our clients’ needs change daily: eTech helps them finish the job. Building and maintaining a team of professionals blending their diverse talents and experiences into a comprehensive offering is a monumental task. Researching, purchasing, maintaining and replacing the equipment they need is another. But only by developing the right team and giving them the right tools can we tackle the projects that make eTech a leader in PCB rework and assembly.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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