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Business Brokers - Consulting

Capitol Technologies
CONTACT: Paul Emello
PHONE: 617.230.9017
FAX: 617.254.6848
E-MAIL: paul@cappcb.com
ADDRESS: 25 Denby Road
Boston, Massachusetts 02134
CATEGORIES: Business Brokers - Consulting
Capitol Technologies is a business broker specializing in the PCB industry.
We handle mergers and acquisitions as well as strategic planning and business valuations.

Powell-Mucha Consulting, Inc.
CONTACT: Susan Mucha, President
PHONE: 915.585.7285
ADDRESS: 4500 Parade Willow Way
El Paso, Texas 79922
CATEGORIES: Business Brokers - Consulting
Founded in 2001, Powell-Mucha Consulting, Inc. helps companies in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry and associated supply base improve internal processes, assess potential location choices and better build their brands.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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