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Drilling, Routing & Scoring - Services
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Drill, Routing & Scoring Bit - Suppliers
Drilling & Routing Software

The Bit Shop, Inc.
Drilling & Routing Specialists
CONTACT: Gary Clark or Richard Clark
PHONE: 408.262.0713
FAX: 408.945.0852
E-MAIL Owner/Pres: gclark@bsi-nc.com
E-MAIL Production Mgr: rclark@bsi-nc.com
ADDRESS: 1646 Watson Court,
Milpitas, California 95035
CATEGORIES: Drilling & Routing Services
We are one of the largest printed circuit drilling services on the west coast.
We now offer PCB Laser drilling and routing along with Microvia Drilling and flex routing using a state of the art ESI Flex 5330 laser machine.
The Bit Shop also uses 3 Excellon system 2000 drilling machines, a Excellon 6 spindle Model 689 Driller with 180krpm Spindles and a 1 Mark Vii Driller/Router.
We specialise in PCB Drilling/Routing, Machining and drilling of plastics & fiberglass (G10/FR4) products. Family owned and operated business established 1978. Owner has been in the drilling industry since 1962.

LaserVia Drilling Centers. LLC
CONTACT: Larry W. Burgess
PHONE: 503.570.2666
FAX: 503.570.4239
E-MAIL: lburgess@laservia.com
ADDRESS: 9755 SW Commerce Circle
Suite B-3, P.O. Box 1310 Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-1310
CATEGORIES: Drilling, Routing & Scoring, Technical & How to Pages
Contract Laser Blind Microvia Drilling and Laser Systems

Micron Laser Technology, Inc.
CONTACT: Brett Robertson
PHONE: 503.439.9000
FAX: 503.439.3365
E-MAIL: sales@micronlaser.com
ADDRESS: 22750 NW Wagon Way, Suite A,
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
CATEGORIES: Drilling, Routing & Scoring
Micron Laser offers a full range of contract laser processing solutions to the multilayer, flex, hybrid industries.
Technologies include: Microvia, cavity and pad skiving, contouring, and structuring. MLT is capable of working in a wide range of materials including epoxy with and without glass (106, 1080, 2116 etc.), polyimide, metals, and ceramics.

PC Drilling Inc.
PHONE: 480.785.9127
FAX: 480.785.9128
E-MAIL: jeby@pcdrilling.com
ADDRESS: 101 S. Southgate Drive
Chandler, Arizona 85266
CATEGORIES: Drilling, Routing & Scoring - Services / Flex Circuit Stiffeners
PC Drilling, Inc. is a machine shop that specializes in custom high-speed CNC machining services for a wide variety of industries. We are based in Phoenix,AZ, but can serve and ship worldwide. Our applications include, but are not limited to, the following:
* Mini Connector Insulators
* (FR-4, PPS GST-40F, Ultem)
* Mini Connector Modifications
* Drilling & Routing Printed Circuit Boards
* Laminated Stiffeners for Flex Circuits
* Potting Dams for the Connector Industry
* Cell Phone Case Modifications
* Wave Solder Pallets
* Precision Machining (FR-4, G10, Ultem, Polycarbonate, Lexan, Durastone, Polyimide, & Other Non Metals)
* Customized Radio Control (R/C) Car Chassis

PhotoMachining, Inc.
CONTACT: Ronald D. Schaeffer, Ph.D. - CEO
PHONE: 603.882.9944
FAX: 603.886.8844
E-MAIL: rschaeffer@photomachining.com
ADDRESS: 4 Industrial Drive, Unit 40,
Pelham, New Hampshire 03076
* Lasers / Laser Machining
* Drilling, Routing & Scoring
* Auctions / Asset Management / Classified Ads
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
Photo Machining, Inc. supplies contract laser drilling, routing and scoring services to the PCB industry, and also builds custom laser systems.
Additionally, PhotoMachining Inc. has been purchasing inventory from downsizing corporations. This has allowed us to exponentially expand our in house capabilities as well as offer a large amount of excess inventory at significantly reduced prices to you. Here at www.PhotoMachining.com we have a large variety of in house inventory that is listed in convenient and easy to navigate categories to help you quickly find what it is that you need. And with such a vast amount of choices, you can surely find anything to meet your business' needs.
* Microscopes, Magnification, Measurement
* Video, Vision, Cameras
* Electronics and Electrical
* Gas Distribution, Compressed Air, Pnuematics
* Cleanroom and Laboratory Equipment
* Optomechanical Devices
* Lasers and Accessories
* Motion Control, Motorized Stages, Electronics
* Shop Tools and Materials

Vscore Central, Inc.
CONTACT: Mark Simmons
PHONE: 714.751.2361
FAX: 714.751.2363
E-MAIL: vscore@earthlink.net
ADDRESS: 3621 W. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 106,
Santa Ana, California 92704
CATEGORIES: Drilling / Routing & Scoring
CNC V-Scoring, NC Routing, Beveling.
Flex Stiffeners and Import Re-work Specialists.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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