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PCB professionals - Advance your career at Printed Circuit University

Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
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ABTech Europe Ltd.
PHONE: +44 (0)1278 447080
FAX: +44 (0)1278 447090
E-MAIL: sales@abtech-europe.com
ADDRESS: Unit 3, East Quay Mews, East Quay, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4AE, UK
CATEGORIES: Miscellaneous Supplies and Consumables, Fabrication Equipment, PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools / Education
ABTech Europe Ltd specialises in supplying a range of quality products used primarily by the Electronic Manufacturing Industry. We are a small but highly effective team with considerable experience in factory automation, inspection and materials used in the manufacturing arena.
Our company philosophy is to provide a friendly, responsive and innovative service, where excellent customer and supplier relationships are paramount.
We offer an ever-growing variety of carefully chosen products, enabling our customers to improve overall manufacturing efficiency and reduce their cost of materials and ownership.
Consumables: Nozzles * Under Screen rolls * Insertion Machine Parts
Production Equipment: SMD Component Counter * Video Microscopes * BGA Assembly & Rework * Desktop AOI Inspection
Knowledge Materials: CAD data * Land Patterns * Online Training * Technical Publications
Manufacturing Software: Trakit Manufacturing (MRP)

All About Circuits
* Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
* Technical / How to Pages / Hobby - DIY / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
This site provides a series of online textbooks covering electricity and electronics. The information provided is great for both students and hobbyists who are looking to expand their knowledge in this field. These textbooks were written by Tony R. Kuphaldt and released under the Design Science License.

PHONE: 847.797.9250
FAX: 847.797.9255
ADDRESS: 3603 Edison Place
Rolling Meadows Illinois 60008
CATEGORIES: Rework / Repair, PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools / Education
Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Fabrication Equipment
Rework / Repair
Our Contract Rework/Repair Division provides expert rework, repair, ECO modifications and BGA rework to your PCBs. Our state of the art equipment and IPC certified operators insure the rework done on your PCBs will be done correctly and reliably. 100% guaranteed.
Training / Certification
BEST is an IPC Master Certification Center offering Instructor and Operator courses for IPC-A-610, J-STD-001, IPC 7711/7721 as well as customized classes to meet specific standards or criteria.
BEST, Inc. specializes in offering products that streamline the process of hand soldering, rework and repair.
Our training kits, dummy components and IPC materials are excellent resources for skill building and retention.
Soldering Tools
BEST offers a variety of tools for soldering, rework, repair and inspection of PCBs. BEST is your source for refurbished soldering, inspection and rework/repair products.

Blunk electronic
CONTACT: Mario Blunk
PHONE: +49 (0) 361 5189618
E-MAIL: MarioBlunk@arcor.de
ADDRESS: Buchfinkenweg 5
99097 Erfurt, Germany
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
Consulting & Training for CAE Tool
CadSoft EAGLE, Design For Test (DFT), Boundary Scan / JTAG / IEEE1149.x ,
Verilog HDL Design, PCB Prototyping, Linux.

CA Design
CONTACT: Bob Chandler
PHONE: 707.843.4646
CELL: 707.494.4795
E-MAIL: sales@cadesign.net
ADDRESS: 7771 Oakmont Drive,
Santa Rosa, California 95409
CATEGORIES: Assembly Services / Contract Manufacturing / Project Management & Turnkey Services
CA Design works with a variety of Fabrication and Assembly houses to provide the customer with quality, schedule, and pricing for designs done at CA Design. While we don't fabricate or assemble boards ourselves, we do stand behind the work of the vendors we use.
Each of our vendors has gone through a rigorous selection process, and provides only the highest quality services. We work closely with the fabrication and assembly houses on every design we do.
This Design For Manufacture process works well to ensure that all designs leaving CA Design are easy to manufacture, and easy to assemble.

California Polytechnic Institute (CalPT)
CONTACT: Dr. Ali Iranmanesh
PHONE: 408.436-3000
FAX: 408-516-8228
E-MAIL: info@calpt.com
ADDRESS: 1762 Technology Drive, Suite 227
San Jose, California 95110
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
California Polytechnic Institute (CalPT) offers certificate programs covering various aspects of electronic design and manufacturing, computer/communications engineering, and Internet technology in both software and hardware.

CalPT provides its students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive grasp of concepts in a shorter period of time, to remain up to date in their field, and/or to acquire the technical knowledge to begin or advance their career. Our unique level of student-teacher interaction further ensures that students receive the support and guidance essential in producing an effective and lasting educational experience.

Centre for Electronics Design Automation “CEDA”
CONTACT: Probir Debnath
PHONE: 9111 22780394 /(M) 0091 9810338939
FAX: 9111 22780394
E-MAIL: pcbceda@gmail.com
ADDRESS: 5G - Deepa Plot #10, IP. EXT. Patparganj,
Delhi 110092 India
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
CEDA offers ONLINE - Signal Integrity and PCB Design course for Hyperlynx, PADS, OrCAD and Allegro Tools at a very affordable fee to promote PCB and Signal Integrity Analysis for anyone with electronics background and for those who are involved in electronics design development.

PCB Design Training course on demand at your desk without leaving your workspace -
No-campus attendance No commuting No travel cost No deadline pressure. All exams are open-book/open notes Learn at your own pace; complete in as little as 25 days! Graduate with a nationally accredited diploma certificate. Enroll any time and enjoy affordable fee.
The modules start with solid basics. You will begin by learning the important principles that are the fundamental rules for just about, whatever you may do in PCB design. Then, you will get detailed instruction in techniques and procedures. Gradually, we will guide you through exciting hands-on projects that you can complete at your kitchen table. For more details visit www.ceda.in/PCB_Training_FAQ.html

By Harvey Twyman
The course consists of ONE EMAIL EVERY DAY covering the following topics:
* Working Practices * Good and Bad Joints * Soldering Rules * * SMT Pads * VIA Holes *
* IC Sockets SMT Components * Solder Levelling * Fine Pitch SMTs * Handling SMTs *
* Removing SMTs * PCB Example * FAQs * Course Summary *
To ENROL on the course please EMAIL: PCB-Course@biz-e-bot.com with the word SUBSCRIBE inserted in the SUBJECT LINE.

Engineering Schools in U.S.A.
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
We offer detailed profile of top engineering schools in the U.S. Please follow the links below to find admissions information of each college of engineering in the United States.

Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
Our organization, LearnHowToBecome.org, recently published a series of in-depth guidebooks focused on engineering careers and degree programs. Each unique resource spotlights a different engineering field and provides a complete view of its educational and professional opportunities.
These engineering guides were researched, written and/or edited by professionals in their respective fields. You can read through each one at the following locations:
* Computer engineering degrees and careers
* Electrical engineering degrees and careers
* Mechanical engineering degrees and careers

Lessons In Electric Circuits
Copyright (C) Tony R. Kuphaldt
* Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
* Technical / How to Pages / Hobby / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics.
These books and all related files are published under the terms and conditions of the Design Science License. These terms and conditions allow for free copying, distribution, and/or modification of this document by the general public.

About OEDb
Open Education Database is the most comprehensive collection of online college rankings and free courses anywhere online. We welcome learners of all levels to explore their interests and prepare for exciting new careers, build on existing foundations of education and experience, or just satisfy a craving to learn something completely new.

Online Graduate Programs
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
At Online Graduate Programs, we are devoted to providing a detailed understanding of all aspects of graduate education. The Goliath-like proportions of the variation in graduate education requires a multi-faceted approach. While some websites present a singular perspective, we work hard to make sure that our content is as diverse and dynamic as possible.

Our goal is to provide prospective, current and past graduate students with the resources they need in order to make informed decisions. Whether they are unsure if they should pursue further education, or they are interested in learning about post-doctoral positions, we want to be able to help them find what they need. We introduce highly valuable resources through concise, informative discussion.

PCB Design and Fabrication School
A beginner’s guide to printed circuit boards
CONTACT: David Duross
E-MAIL: pcbdesignschool@comcast.net
* Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
* Technical / How to Pages / Hobby - DIY / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
The purpose of this blog is to help educate people on printed circuit boards, aka pcbs.

I am a veteran of the printed circuit board industry. I have hands on experience with all of the manufacturing steps required to build a pcb. This includes front end engineering, CAM and quality control. Over the years I have observed the decline of my industry. Many manufacturing facilities have closed their doors here in the United States and in Europe. The people that worked in these facilities have left the electronics industry all together. The printed circuit boards that were built there are now being made in Asia and India. As a result, much of the knowledge has been lost.

I communicate with designers, OEMs and contract manufacturers on a daily basis. Many experienced and knowledgeble people have either retired or have been laid-off. More and more of the people that remain are either inexperienced or are new hires that have little knowlege with the manufacturing process behind pcbs. These are very intellegent people. However, they do not specialize in the bare board fabrication process. I find that the more a designer knows about the pcb fabrication process the better the designer becomes.

Over the life of this blog I shall be posting content that deals with the manufacturing process behind printed circuit boards. I shall also be posting information regarding the capabilities and limitations of pcbs in general. My time is limited so there may be large gaps between my posts. Please feel free to post questions or respond to posted topics. I’ll respond as I am able.

Printed Circuits Specialist
CONTACT: Gary Abel
PHONE: 714.799.9569
FAX: 503.210.6927
E-MAIL: gla_home@hotmail.com
ADDRESS: 5622 Richmond Avenue,
Garden Grove, California 92845
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Consultants, PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools / Education
* 25 years of integrated Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality background in rigid and flex printed circuit products involving both commercial and military applications.
* PCB manufacturers:
~Establishing processes and procedures for efficiency on currenttechnologies and emerging technologies.
~Setting up "front-ends", Sales through to manufacturing floor.
~Instrumental use of “Lean Manufacturing” and “TQM” methodologies.
~Application, Process, Manufacturing and Quality Engineering.
* OEM manufacturers:
~Provide technical knowledge for P.C. board design and cost factors along with proper data set/package generation prior to sending to a P.C.B. manufacturer.
~Applications Engineering.

Printed Circuit University
UP Media Group Inc.
PHONE: 678.589.8800
FAX: 610.629.9340
E-MAIL: info@upmediagroup.com
Canton, Georgia 30169
* Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
* Technical / How to Pages / Hobby - DIY / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
Printed Circuit University is devoted to helping engineers, designers and other PCB professionals advance their careers through online education in topics and technologies directly related to the electronics industry.
The content includes free access to lectures, white papers, videos and other media. In addition, subscriptions are available on a pay per session basis or an annual subscriptionthat allows access to all content on the site.

San Francisco Circuits - PCB School
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
* Technical / DIY / How to Pages / Hobby / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
San Francisco Circuits' PCB School is an online resource for printed circuit e-books, PDF informational downloads and articles for all levels of engineers, hobbyists or layout experts. Our PCB School section includes resources on PCB manufacturing equipment, flex circuits, metal core, ultrasonic cleaning and more.

SMT Plus, Inc.
PHONE: 530.432.3806
FAX: 530.432.8746
E-MAIL: sales@smtplus.com
ADDRESS: 14178 Pepperwood Drive,
Penn Valley, California 95946
CATEGORIES: PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools / Education
Also listed under: CAD Library Parts, CAD Library Creation and Maintenance
Online Training includes:
SMT Courses, Fiber Optic courses & Wireless Courses*
Onsite Training includes:
SMT Repair Rework With Lab
Troubleshooting SMT Process & DFM
BGA Rework Repair
Solder Training - Trainer Certification Course
Introduction to SMT Design
Introduction to SMT Manufacturing
SMT High Density Design and DFM
PCB Design of High Speed Circuits
BGA Design

STM - Service To Mankind
CONTACT: Floyd Bertagnolli
PHONE: 408.768.6515
FAX: 408.538.8601
E-MAIL: info@stmtraining.com
ADDRESS: 4065 Clipper Ct.
Fremont, California 94538
CATEGORIES: Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
IPC training and ISO consulting

By V. Ryan
* Printed Circuit Design Schools / PCB Technical Training / Engineering Schools
* Technical / How to Pages / Hobby - DIY / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
Technologystudent.com covers a wide range that includes the design process, gear systems, electronics, cams, printed circuit boards, PIC microcontrollers / computer control, key words/phrases, structures, vocational work, technology and cultures, basic CNC work. They are intended to provide a valuable resource for teachers and pupils AND they are free.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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