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Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment

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Testing and Measurement
Electronic Testing Services

Advance Devices, Inc.
Smart Tweezers
PHONE: Toll free: 1.800.453.5315 / Local: 1.647.724.2373
FAX: 1.416.352.5400
E-MAIL: sales@advancedevices.com
ADDRESS: RPO Harding, PO Box 32043,
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C9S3 Canada
* Additional office in Woodridge, Illinois USA - see contact information on web page
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
Advance Devices, Inc. provides an expert solution for identifying, measuring, testing, and troubleshooting surface mounted devices (SMD) and leaded two-terminal devices — a digital LCR meter in a set of tweezers.
Smart Tweezers™ identify both marked and unmarked SMD-components with easy probing of all types of passive SMD and through-hole devices. The instrument measures capacitance, inductance and resistance with speed and precision along with secondary parameters such as capacitor ESR (ESR Meter), Q (quality factor), D (dissipation factor) and Z (impedance) measurements are also provided.
Smart Tweezers™ LCR meter proves itself as an indispensable tool for SMT component sorting, in-circuit and on-board impedance testing and product debugging.

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Big-List.com is a used Test Equipment and Semiconductor Production Equipment Dealer Directory.
The directory includes:
* Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment
* General Electronic Test Equipment Dealers
* Non-U.S. Equipment Dealers and Services
* Used Laboratory Biotech Medical Chemical Equipment Dealers
* High Tech Equipment Rental and Lease Companies
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Coda-Pin / Coda Systems Limited
PHONE: +44 (0)1787 478678
FAX: +44 (0)1787 274194
E-MAIL: sales@coda-systems.co.uk
ADDRESS: Oak Road, Little Maplestead, Halstead
Essex, CO9 2RT UK
* Connectors / Electronic Interconnects
* Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
Coda-Pin is the UK's largest stockist/distributor of test probes, bench-top test jigs and spring contacts.
Their downloadable spring contact catalogue contains 29 different series of spring contacts for use in a wide range of PCB interconnection, data, power and battery charging applications including:
* Surface mount PCB to PCB spring contacts for use in computerized gaming systems and telecommunications units. These are available in many different sizes and can be supplied as single contacts or in a plastic housing to create a multiple array of up to 12 contacts.
* Charging batteries in portable instruments
* Power and data transfer pins in a docking station
* Integral compliant contacts, such as for an antenna contact in a mobile phone

CONTACT: Andy Becker
PHONE: 503.659.6100
FAX: 503.659.4422
E-MAIL: ecd@ecd.com
ADDRESS: 4287-A SE International Way
Milwaukie, Oregon 97222 USA
CATEGORIES: Test and Measurement, Equipment Manufacturers, SMT Equipment
ECD, Inc. is a World-Class Electronics Manufacturer in the Portland, Oregon area, whose business has been the Designing, Manufacturing and world-wide Marketing of electronic and other specialized technology products since 1964.
We are known worldwide for the M.O.L.E. ® Temperature Profiler. The Mole is used in the Electronic, Paint, Food, and the Industrial marketplace.
The Mole is a stand alone, 6 channel, temperature profiler that it is used in many harsh processes that require the temperature measuring instrument to be inside the heating chamber or "ride along" with the parts or process being measured over time such as Solder Reflow Ovens and Wave SolderMachines.
The included software allows the user to do SPC analysis on the logged data.

INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +49.7531.8105.0
FAX: +49.7531.8105.65
E-MAIL: info@ingun.com
ADDRESS: Max-Stromeyer-Straße 162
78467, Constance, Germany
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
INGUN test equipment - Made in Germany.
Since 1971, INGUN Prüfmittelbau GmbH has been the most reliable partner for innovative products in the field of test equipment and for sophisticated testing strategies. INGUN has an unbeatable assortment of test probes and test fixtures for individual testing tasks. The company has made a name for itself as a specialist for customised test solutions in both product areas. Thanks to many years of experience in the testing equipment field, INGUN offers the suitable test solution for every test requirement.

CONTACT: General
PHONE: 800.970.3646 / International: +1.718.504.5719
E-MAIL: info@MegaDepot.com
ADDRESS: 145 Pine Haven Shores, Suite 2168
Shelburne, Vermont 05482 USA
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
With more than 700 000 products for professionals in the fields of test and measurement, safety, laboratory, electrical, marking and identification, MRO, HVAC, welding, automotive, communications and networking, industrial, optics, and software, MegaDepot offers a comprehensive selection of top product lines in hundreds of categories.
Spectrum Analyzers:
Servicing or repairing electrical equipment or systems requires a lot of professional knowledge as well as professional instruments. Analyzing the parameters of signals that a device emits, receives or transfers will allow you to establish the condition of a gadget. In such situations a special receiver is required to analyze signals it detects.
Spectrum analyzers are special testing devices that are used in detecting and analyzing electromagnetic signals. MegaDepot offers a vast selection of analyzers from brands like Kaltman Creations, SIGLENT, Elenco, Velleman and Wilcom. Find the gadget you need for the best price on MegaDepot.
From the beginning of time human civilization came up with multiple measurement scales, systems and methods. Measurements allow us to identify and characterize an object or event with numbers or established measuring units and assign respective meaning to each measurement. Unification of measurement systems allowed humanity to expand and advance technologically. Measurements are crucial to scientific advancement, international and domestic trade and technological development of any country.
On our website you can buy a great selection of meters and multipurpose measuring instruments as well as any required additional accessories and utilities like fuses, wires, measuring probes, cases, spare parts etc. Dwyer Instruments, Yokogawa, Bel-Art Product, General Tools, Uniweld, Yellow Jacket and many more famous brands provide their best products for the best prices.
Electricity is a power source that is used in almost any modern gadget and utility we have nowadays. It’s discovery and usage allowed people to advance rapidly and create electronic equipment that greatly aids us in our everyday routine as well as in working and creating something new. Electricity runs through power lines in our homes and through our computers, phones and other equipment we use everyday. It possesses a set of parameters that define the behaviour of electric current and should be monitored in order to keep your equipment functional and undamaged.
An example of test equipment that monitors signals and their behaviour is an oscilloscope. This device provides great functionality for electric current and electric system analysis. MegaDepot offers a great selection of oscilloscopes from brands like SIGLENT, AEMC, Elenco and many more. Find the right gadget for the best price.

Saelig Co. Inc.
CONTACT: Alan Lowne
PHONE: 585.385.1750
FAX: 585.385.1768
E-MAIL: sales@saelig.com
ADDRESS: 71 Perinton Parkway
Fairport, New York 14450 USA
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
Saelig searches the world for unique electronic control and instrumentation equipment, including: economical oscilloscopes, PC and RF spectrum analyzers, PCB Testers, USB and logic analyzers, AWGs, pure RF sources, DMMs, data-loggers, SPI/I2C controllers, USB digital microscopes, high-rel industrial and panel PCs, EMI enclosures, data loggers, USB serial converter cables, etc.

Siborg Systems Inc.
CONTACT: Michael Obrecht
PHONE: 519.888.9906
FAX: 519.725.9522
E-MAIL: info@smarttweezers.ca
ADDRESS: 24 Combermere Crescent,
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5B1 Canada
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
Smart Tweezers is an R-L-C meter in a set of tweezers. Smart Tweezers features a unique patented mechanical and electronic design that incorporates a built-in direct precision SMD probe designed for component evaluation on the production line, component impedance testing and sorting of SMD components. Smart Tweezers dramatically cuts the time necessary to troubleshoot and debug a complex PCB making process of locating of a faulty component a breeze.

Wilder Technologies
CONTACT: Support
PHONE: 360.859.3041
FAX: 360.859.3105
E-MAIL: support@wilder-tech.com
ADDRESS: 6101A E. 18th Street
Vancouver, Washington 98661 USA
CATEGORIES: Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment
Our Team has worked together in test and measurement companies with a combined experience of over 125 years in mechanical, electrical and Signal Integrity design, including extensive experience in field engineering, manufacturing, applications and customer support.
Wilder Technologies uses a systemic approach to solving signal integrity challenges using time and frequency domain analysis, measurement techniques, state of the art tools and design methodologies to develop metrological solutions such as high-speed, high-performance Test Adapters.
Our high-performance DisplayPort Test Adapter is an example using our systemic approach in achieving a solution with mechanical robustness and with very high electrical performance and signal integrity through the entire signal transmission path.
The list below reflects the electrical parameters we optimize in our designs and implement in our final solutions.
Design and measurement parameters in the time domain:
· Characteristic impedance
· Reflections
· Rise time
· Propagation delay
· Intra & Inter skew
· Crosstalk
· Eye diagrams
· Jitter
Design and measurement parameters in the frequency domain:
· S-Parameter analysis
· Insertion loss
· Return loss
· Crosstalk
· Measurement analysis with SI software

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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