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X-ray Inspection Services

Also see: Electronic Testing Services

CONTACT: Support
PHONE: +1.510.490.4600
FAX: +1.510.490.4111
E-MAIL: info@datest.com
ADDRESS: 47810 Westinghouse Drive
Fremont, California 94539 USA
* Electronic Testing Services
* X-ray Inspection Services
* Rework / Repair Services & Tools
PCB inspection, testing, and rework services. Offers in-circuit functional testing, flying probe testing, x-ray inspection, boundary scan analysis, and functional test and engineering.
Destruction services include cross-sectioning, teardown, and dye-and-pry methods. Rework services include bonepile rehabilitation, PCBA/PCBF repair, BGA removal and replacement, and reverse engineering.

Process Sciences, Inc.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: 512.259.7070
FAX: 512.259.7073
E-MAIL: Info@process-sciences.com
ADDRESS: 310 S. Brushy St.
Leander, Texas 78641 USA
* BGA Reballing Systems & Services
* Rework / Repair Services & Tools
* Electronic Testing Services
* Printed Circuit Design & Engineering Schools / PCB Technical Training / Tutorials
* Laboratory Services / Failure Analysis / Process Validation
* X-ray Inspection Services
Process Sciences, Inc. (PSI) is an SMT process engineering resource center and solutions company. Many OEMs, contract manufacturers, and hardware development teams rely on PSI for BGA reballing, circuit assembly rework and repair services, X-ray inspection, failure analysis, SMT process validation, and more. Outsourcing these services to PSI allows our clients to focus on designing and producing reliable electronics, which has made Process Sciences a sought after resource in the circuit assembly and semiconductor industry since 1994.
The SMT Master Course was designed to provide in-depth practical process understanding to those individuals interested in ensuring quality in electronic assemblies. This course was developed from a need to improve yields on the production floor. It was designed to provide practical process understanding to the individuals who produce SMT products daily. Students will leave this program with a deeper technical understanding of SMT processes, and the confidence to know how and where they fit in.
* PCB & BGA Failure Analysis, both destructive and non-destructive
* Process Validation - microsection, shear test, dye & pry, ionic cleanliness testing, tin whisker inspection, conformal coat analysis, void analysis
* Real Time, Off-axis X-Ray Inspection
* CT X-ray Analysis with 3D Volume Reconstruction
* Microsectional analysis and microscopy
* SEM/EDS (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy) for elemental characterization and analysis
* IC Counterfeit Detection
* Ion Chromatography and C3 ionic cleanliness testing, both full board and local extraction methods
* Solderability Testing - dip and look, paste and reflow
* Surface analysis - coplanarity, roughness analysis
* AS9100D certified by Orion Registrars
* Real-time, off-axis 3D X-ray inspection of PCBA.
* Perfect for BGA X-ray inspection, QFN, LGA and other bottom terminated components.
* Five motion axes. Samples can be manipulated with a 360 degree rotational axis, and up to 75 degree oblique viewing angle, while intuitive software allows operators to visualize the most demanding defects.
* Non-destructive
* CT X-ray inspection with 3D Volume reconstruction.
* True 3D visualization and virtual cross-sections of circuit assemblies, solder joints, and components.
* Ideal for failure analysis investigations, reverse engineering, void analysis and defect visualization.
* Equipment: Two (2) Nikon X-Tek Revolution 160kV (two stations), Nikon XTV-160 160kV with CT X-ray and Xtract module, Nikon XTH225 CT X-ray station 225kV, two (2) volume reconstruction workstations with VG Studio.
* AS9100D certified by Orion Registrars

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