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Military Part Manufacture / Military Part Engineering

Millennium Precision, LLC
PHONE: +1.603.644.1555
E-MAIL: sales@millenniumprecision.com
ADDRESS: 234 Abby Road
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103 USA
CATEGORIES: Military Part Manufacture / Military Part Engineering
Millennium Precision strives to provide high-quality product to our customers, which translates to high-quality products for their customers.
The key to our success is active engagement with customers all along the product design, development, and manufacturing lifecycle.
The delivery of high-quality product requires state-of-the-art Swiss style machining equipment and manufacturing processes that deliver products that meet or exceed customer expectations.
To this end, Millennium maintains a broad range of advanced lathing equipment and maintains ISO 9001 certification.
* Aerospace
* Commercial
* Defense
* Electronics
* Firearms
* Law Enforcement
* Medical
* Optical

United Dynamics
CONTACT: Steven Daniels
PHONE: 405.275.8041
FAX: 405.275.4022
E-MAIL: steven.daniels@united-dynamics.com
ADDRESS: 41001 Wolverine Rd.
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804 USA
 CATEGORIES: Military Part Manufacture / Military Part Engineering
United Dynamics is a 25 year old Certified HUBZone Small Business. We are an aerospace and defense engineering, design, and manufacturing firm located near Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma with documented experience in providing a variety of components for DoD weapons platforms and DoD transport aircraft platforms.
United Dynamics excels in the areas of electronics (circuit cards, amplifiers, switches & power supplies), valve assemblies, sensors (temperature and pressure) and electric motors.
* Circuit Cards
* Amplifiers
* Switches (electronic)
* Power Supplies
* Valve Assemblies
* Sensors for ejection seats
* Temperature Sensors and Thermostats
* Pressure Sensors
* Infrared Sensors
* Ground support and test equipment
* Control panels
* Repair and overhaul

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