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Comprehensive solutions and workflow process improvements for all your PCB post processing needs

3D Software Tools & Models
Also see: CAD Library Parts, CAD Library Creation and Maintenance

A simple 3D Gerber viewer
CONTACT: Jérôme Vuarand
E-MAIL: jerome.vuarand@gmail.com
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
* 3D Software Tools & Models
This tool is a simple 3D viewer for Gerber files. It's only displaying PCBs, and is primarily intended as a validation tool to review Gerber files before sending them to a PCB fab house.
Only recent Windows (Vista and later) are supported so far, 32bits and 64bits.
See EETimes article here: www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1319144

Autodesk Inc.
CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: 415.507.5000
FAX: 415.507.5100
ADDRESS: Worldwide Headquarters
111 McInnis Parkway
San Rafael, California 94903 USA
* See web page for additional locations
* 2D CAM Software
* 3D Software Tools & Models
AutoCAD is computer-aided design (CAD) software that architects, engineers, and construction professionals rely on to create precise 2D and 3D drawings.
* Draft and edit 2D geometry and 3D models with solids, surfaces, and mesh objects
* Annotate drawings with text, dimensions, leaders, and tables
* Customize with add-on apps and APIs

CONTACT: Sam Cohen
PHONE: +1.2067436586
E-MAIL: foraffiliates@gmail.com
ADDRESS: 2929 1st ave #405
City: Seattle, Washington 98121 USA
* 3D Software Tools & Models
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
Input file formats:
CAD formats:
Autocad 3D DWG (dwg), SolidWorks (sldprt, sldasm), Inventor (ipt, iam), CATIA V5, JT, Pro/ENGINEER (prt, asm), NX (prt), Parasolid (x_t, x_b, xmt, xmt_txt), PLMXML, SolidEdge (par, asm, pwd, psm), RHINO (3dm), OneSpace Designer (pkg, bdl)
Graphical formats:
Autodesk 3D Studio (3DS), SketchUp (skp), Wavefront OBJ (obj), VRML (wrl, vrml), CGR, Collada (dae), 3D PDF (pdf, prc, u3d)
Neutral & Other formats:
STEP (stp, step), IGES (igs, iges), STL, CATIA V4 (model, dlv, exp, session), CADDS (_pd), I-DEAS (arc, unv, mf1, prt, pkg)
Output file formats:
COLLADA (*.dae), OBJ (obj), 3D PDF (pdf), STL (stl), 3D Studio (3ds)

DesignSpark Mechanical
RS Components
CATEGORIES: 3D Software Tools & Models
"Free 3D design software"
With DesignSpark Mechanical we aim to give every engineer the power to quickly design and change product concepts in 3D without having to learn complex traditional CAD software. Results include faster turnaround times, zero investment on procuring/training with new CAD software and true innovation!

DownStream Technologies
CONTACT: Joe Clark
PHONE: 508.970.0670 / 800.535.3226
FAX: 508.481.0362
E-MAIL: sales@downstreamtech.com
ADDRESS: 225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 33,
Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software
* Design for Fabrication Software
* 3D Software Tools & Models
* PCB Documentation Software
CAM350 enables PCB Designers and PCB Fabricators to streamline the process of manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards.
It provides powerful functionality to prepare, verify and optimize a PCB design ensuring accurate and efficient manufacturing.

GrabCAD, a STRATASYS solution
E-MAIL: info@grabcad.com
ADDRESS: 9 Camp St 2nd Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
Additional locations: Minnesota, UK, Estonia & Israel
* CAD Library Parts, CAD Library Creation and Maintenance
* 3D Software Tools & Models
GrabCAD is the largest online community of professional engineers, designers, manufacturers, and STEM students on the planet. We help you create amazing products easier.
Today, the GrabCAD Community has almost 4 million members sharing CAD files and professional tips, participating in design challenges, or downloading free CAD models from our online library of over 2 million free files. The Community is a place for thought-leadership and education for the latest in engineering, design, and manufacturing, a place where professionals can show off their skills and encourage others to learn the same.

Mayhew Labs 3D Gerber Viewer
E-MAIL: info at mayhewlabs.com
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
* 3D Software Tools & Models
With this viewer you can upload your Gerber files and have a 360 degree view of your PCB design. Launch the viewer to load your own design or view one of the example boards.
We are proud to be a part of the thriving maker culture that we serve. We think that everyone should have access to tools that make their ideas into reality. Our philosophy is simple: take the tools that hardware engineers use to solve problems and turn them into products that anyone can use, whether you’re an engineer or a complete novice.

Microsoft Corporation 3D Viewer
CATEGORIES: 3D Software Tools & Models
"Free 3D Viewer"
Easily view 3D models and animations in real-time. 3D Viewer lets you view 3D models with lighting controls, inspect model data and visualize different shading modes. In Mixed Reality mode, combine the digital and physical. Push the boundaries of reality and capture it all with a video or photo to share.
* Quickly view common 3D file types: FBX, STL, OBJ, GLB, GLTF, PLY, 3MF, with high-quality staging.
* Use simple pan, zoom, and orbiting controls with your mouse, touch, pen or keyboard.
* Inspect the 3D model’s mesh, texture, material and animation data.
* View 3D files in different shading modes such as: smooth, wireframe on smooth, texture passes and more.
* Control the position and color of the staging lights.

Numerical Innovations
PHONE: 1.866.528.9274
FAX: 1.858.430.2705
Sales: sales@numericalinnovations.com
Support: support@numericalinnovations.com
ADDRESS: The Innevation Center
6795 S Edmond St (3rd Floor)
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software / Design for Fabrication Software
* Design for Fabrication / Design Validation Software
* 3D Software Tools
Numerical Innovations, LLC was founded on the industry need for easy to use commercial and custom EDA tools that are aesthetically pleasing and clever that accurately facilitate electronic designs for manufacturing.
Our products include:

FAB 3000 - Professional and affordable Gerber/CAM software:
FAB 3000 is a "Full-Featured" CAM software package targeted for anyone who would like to have "high-end" CAM software to run DRC/DFM verification, edit and output gerber data, compare nets, merge pcb's, generate part centroid files, and perform many other useful features. Get ALL the power of those other CAM tools costing thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price. Here's a brief list of some powerful & unique FAB 3000 features:
* Advanced DRC/DFM Checker
* Merge different PCB Designs onto a Single Panel
* Assembly/Parts Editor
* Export 3D STEP (AP 214, AP 203 & more) & 3D STL

ACE Translator 3000 - All-In-One CAD/EDA Translator. Includes a free built-in viewer:
ACE Translator 3000 provides over 100 translators between most common EDA, CAD, and 3D formats - all in a single intuitive environment. ACE simplifies the translation process, and the built-in viewer is user-friendly with powerful editing & repair features. ACE Translator 3000 will successfully fit into your daily workflow and files outputted from ACE are optimized to be compatible with all design systems.

EasyGerb - The ultimate Gerber export tool for AutoCAD users. (Gerber Export for AutoCAD)
EasyGerb is the ultimate Gerber export tool for AutoCAD users because it allows you to export Gerber files directly from AutoCAD - Simply select any objects and begin creating Gerber files - instantly! This tool is by far the most easiest-to-use Gerber conversion solution for any AutoCAD user. EasyGerb is also extremely powerful and outputs Gerber in formats RS-274D, RS274-X, Fire9000; while supporting True Gerber Arcs (G75), Step/Repeat (SR) codes, Composite (Dark/Clear) Layer Merging, Flash Blocks, Assign Aperture list, handle SHX & TrueType fonts, save configurations, and output NC Drill files for any layer! Runs on AutoCAD 2000 thru AutoCAD 2010.

DFM Now!
Free Gerber Viewer, ODB++, IPC-2581, NC Drill & Rout.
Basic DFM Check.
Print, Markup, and add Dimensions.
Realistic PCB Preview

For further information on any of our products, please visit our web page or give us a call at 1.866.528.9274.

CONTACT: See webpage
ADDRESS: Majevicka 20,
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
CATEGORIES: 3D Software Tools & Models
PCB-3D Models is a project started by electronic engineers from Novi Sad, Serbia, within the company PCB-3D.
The devotion to hardware projects, electronics and interest in 3D modeling has inspired PCB-3D team to constantly improve the database of 3D STEP Models and Altium footprints on the website.
PCB-3D team also published a lot of articles and tutorials from the categories: Altium Designer Tutorials, IPC standards, PCB design and other.

ReaSoft Development
FAX: 206.984.3919
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: Pacific Business Centre, Attn: P.O. Box 34069 #381
Seattle, Washington 98124-1069
*Gerber Editors / Viewers, ODB++ Viewers, Data Conversion / Translation Software
* 3D Software Tools & Models
Currently reads 644 and writes 58 formats including Gerber, CAD, 3D and graphic formats

STL Viewer
E-MAIL: support@ideamk.com / info@ideamk.com
ADDRESS: Ohrid, Macedonia
CATEGORIES: 3D Software Tools & Models
STL Viewer is a professional windows application for viewing CAD models created or exported in STL (STereoLithography) file format from 3D systems. The Viewer boast a very user-friendly interface for non-technical users, while providing full range of tools for navigation and analyzing 3D objects. STL Viewer offers the most of the known commands used in 3D viewers like zooming, panning, changing projections (camera) modes, change draw stile from shade to solid or wireframe. Unique functionality of STL Viewer is ability to changing color of wireframes or shade 3D objects and makes them look more beautiful.

STP Viewer
E-MAIL: support@ideamk.com / info@ideamk.com
ADDRESS: Ohrid, Macedonia
CATEGORIES: 3D Software Tools & Models
STP viewer is a professional tool for viewing CAD models with excellent speed and quality. STP viewer boast a very user-friendly interface for non-technical users while providing full range of tools for navigation and analyzing the 3D object. For advanced users of this kind viewers there are most of the known command as on any STP viewer, and for beginners and non-technical users there is a help, and explanation on every tool how to use and what that tool do while using STP viewer. The very interesting feature in STP viewer is tree view where you can see all markers that are used in 3D object. You can easily hide or unhide them and see all object part by part. With STP viewer except zooming and panning you can see the object in 2D in any of the 4 sides (top, bottom, left, right), you can add shade to the object to see how will look like as an real object or to see only wireframe. STP viewer also allow changing color of wireframes or shade of 3D object.

TraceParts S.A.S.
PHONE: +33(0)232 794 426
E-MAIL: info@traceparts.com
ADDRESS: Parc Eco Normandie
76430 Saint Romain, France
* 3D Software Tools & Models
* Datasheets & Application Notes
"Free 3D Models"
TraceParts is one of the world’s leading providers of 3D digital content for engineering. As part of the Trace Group founded in 1989, the company provides powerful web-based solutions, such as CAD part libraries, electronic catalogs and product configurators.
TraceParts offers digital marketing services to help part vendors, 3D printing suppliers, software and computer hardware vendors promote their products and services and generate high-quality B2B sales leads.
The TraceParts portal is available free-of-charge to millions of CAD users worldwide. It provides access to hundreds of supplier catalogs and more than 100 million CAD models and product datasheets that perfectly match the specific needs of design, purchasing, manufacturing and maintenance processes and operations.

ZofzPCB: FREE 3D Gerber Viewer
CONTACT: Rafal Powierski
E-MAIL: zofz@zofzpcb.com
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
* 3D Software Tools
"The fastest, easiest, most intuitive way to check your PCB design before it goes to manufacturing"
ZofzPCB is a FREE 3D Gerber viewer that shows you more than just how your board is going to look. ZofzPCB lets you see inside your board – between the layers – so you can give it a truly thorough inspection. It makes pre-production verification of your PCB designs fast, easy, intuitive and fun.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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