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3D Circuit Board Printers / Desktop Electronics Printers

BotFactory Inc.
PHONE: +1.347.377.2687
E-MAIL: contact@botfactory.co
ADDRESS: 29-10 Thomson Avenue, RM C760, FL 7, STE 11
Long Island City, New York 11101
CATEGORIES: Circuit Board Printers / Desktop Electronics Printers
BotFactory brings the future of electronic circuit fabrication to your desktop with our line of PCB Printers
Just like a 3D Printer, our small circuit printers allows you to prototype in minutes instead of weeks, all at the click of a button.
Each PCB Printer includes an inkjet printhead that can dispense very fine droplets of conductive and insulating inks, allowing you to create multilayered rigid and flexible circuits on FR-4, Kapton or any substrate of your choice.
In addition, each printer has two heads for dispensing glues and solder pastes, and another to pick-and-place components, allowing you to assemble PCBs right at your desktop.

Cartesian Co.
E-MAIL: info@cartesianco.com
CATEGORIES: 3D Circuit Board Printers / Desktop Electronics Printers
Cartesian Co. makes the Argentum, the world’s first consumer-level 3D circuit board printer.
The Argentum works on similar principles to an inkjet printer – though instead of ink, it prints a silver nanostructure onto a growing range of substrates. The result is a complete circuit board printed effortlessly in minutes. Our current customers – hobbyists, educators, and members of the maker movement – can now create complex electronics without the hassle and expense of contracting an industrial circuit board printer.

Nano Dimension
CONTACT: Via web page
E-MAIL: contact@nano-di.com
ADDRESS: Science Park, 3 Golda Meir St.
Ness-Tsiona, 74036, Israel
CATEGORIES: 3D Circuit Board Printers / Desktop Electronics Printers
Nano Dimension is creating the first professional-quality 3D multi-layer PCB printer. This places us at the forefront of 3D printing, ink-jet printing and nano-ink technology.
The Nano Dimension team has years of experience in developing sophisticated ink-jet printing systems and nanotechnology R&D. We've a strong background in conductive ink development and production too.
We're bringing these skills together to develop the first high resolution 3D multi-layer PCB printer. This printer will revolutionize the PCB prototyping process and open up a whole new world of PCB design and material possibilities.
Electronics prototyping will never be the same again.
Please feel free to get in touch directly.

Sensor Films Inc.
CONTACT: Peter Hessney (Customer and Technical Inquiries only)
PHONE: Toll Free: 855.781.2870
E-MAIL: peter.hessney@sensorfilmsinc.com
ADDRESS: 687 Rowley Rd.
Victor, New York 14564
3D Circuit Board Printers / Desktop Electronics Printers / Conductive Inkjet Printers / Printable Electronics
Pattern-wise deposition of resists, etchants, conductive inks and dielectrics on common plastic substrates for the production of bus bars, membrane switches, pressure sensors, medical test kits and other devices.
The application of digital ink jet additive manufacturing processes to consumer electronic devices enables high levels of customization and unique feature sets for highly differentiated product offerings.
Our partners are leading OEMs looking for efficient manufacturing processes that make customized displays easily accessible.
The deposition of decorative and electronic features directly on glass substrates is changing the way production processes operate today.

Web www.EverythingPCB.com

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