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Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software

CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: Toll Free: 844.462.6797
FAX: 724.514.9494
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 15317 USA
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
Electromagnetic, Electronics, Thermal and Electromechanical Simulation
ANSYS electromagnetic field simulation helps you design innovative electrical and electronic products faster and more cost-effectively. In today’s world of high performance electronics and advanced electrification systems, the effects of electromagnetic fields on circuits and systems cannot be ignored. ANSYS software can uniquely simulate electromagnetic performance across component, circuit and system design, and can evaluate temperature, vibration and other critical mechanical effects. This unmatched electromagnetic-centric design flow helps you achieve first-pass system design success for advanced communication systems, high-speed electronic devices, electromechanical components and power electronics systems.
Wireless and RF
ANSYS high-frequency electromagnetics design software enables you to design, simulate and validate the performance of antennas and RF and microwave components. The integrated microwave circuit and system modeling capabilities have direct integration to our EM solvers delivering a platform for full-system verification of next-generation RF and microwave designs.
PCB and electronic packaging
The ANSYS Chip-Package-System (CPS) design flow delivers unparalleled simulation capacity and speed for power integrity, signal integrity and EMI analysis of high-speed electronic devices. Automated thermal analysis and integrated structural analysis capabilities complete the industry’s most comprehensive chip-aware and system-aware simulation solution across the chip-package-board.
Electromechanical and power electronics
ANSYS electromechanical and power electronics simulation software is ideal for applications which depend on the robust integration of motors, sensors, and actuators with electronics controls. ANSYS software simulates the interactions between these components, and the design flow incorporates thermal and mechanical analysis for evaluating cooling strategies and analyzing critical mechanical effects like noise-vibration-harshness (NVH).
Electronics Thermal Management
ANSYS electronics thermal management solutions leverage advanced solver technology with robust, automatic meshing to enable you to rapidly perform heat transfer and fluid flow simulation for convective and forced air cooling strategies. Our solutions help you design cooling strategies to avoid excessive temperatures that degrade the performance of IC packages, printed circuit boards (PCBs), data centers, power electronics and electric motors.

CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
* Free RF design tool
AppCAD is an easy-to-use program that provides you with a unique suite of RF design tools and computerized Application Notes to make your wireless design job faster and easier. AppCAD's unique, interactive approach makes engineering calculations quick and easy for many RF, microwave, and wireless applications. AppCAD is useful for the design and analysis of many circuits, signals, and systems using products from discrete transistors and diodes to Silicon and GaAs integrated circuits. The keyword for AppCAD is easy - no circuit files, no manuals - just quick and easy.
AppCAD is updated with new features as time permits. This web site will always have the latest downloads and version information.

Dassault Systèmes
CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: +33 (0)1 6162 6162
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: 10 rue Marcel Dassault CS 40501
78946 Vélizy-Villacoublay Cedex, France
See web page for additional locations
* 2D CAD / CAM Software
* Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
CST Studio Suite
CST Studio Suite® is a high-performance 3D EM analysis software package for designing, analyzing and optimizing electromagnetic (EM) components and systems.
Electromagnetic field solvers for applications across the EM spectrum are contained within a single user interface in CST Studio Suite.
The solvers can be coupled to perform hybrid simulations, giving engineers the flexibility to analyze whole systems made up of multiple components in an efficient and straightforward way.
Co-design with other SIMULIA products allows EM simulation to be integrated into the design flow and drives the development process from the earliest stages.

CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: +49.2842.981.100
FAX: +49.2842.981.199
E-MAIL: See web page
ADDRESS: Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Str. 2
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
EMPIRE XCcel – developed by engineering excellence – is one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulators. It is based on the powerful Finite Difference Time Domain method (FDTD), which has become an industrial standard for RF and microwave component and antenna design. Due to EMPIRE XCcel’s unique adaptive on-the-fly code generation it exhibits the fastest simulation engine known today. With this highly accelerated kernel full-wave EM-simulation problems can now be solved in minutes which used to take days some years ago.
For structure definition, a powerful Graphical User Interface is included in the EMPIRE XCcel package and several structure import and export formats are supported. EMPIRE XCcel’s applicability ranges from analyzing planar, multi-layered and conformal circuits, components and antennas to multi-pin packages, waveguides, and SI/EMC problems including the device’s operational environment. Time signals, scattering parameters, and field animations are generated accurately for a broad frequency range within only one simulation run. Monitoring and animation capabilities give physical insight into electromagnetic wave phenomena while accurate results are obtained with little effort.

Keysight Technologies, Inc.
PHONE: +1.800.829.4444
FAX: +1.800.829.4433
E-MAIL: usa_orders@keysight.com
ADDRESS: 1400 Fountaingrove Parkway
Santa Rosa, California 95403-1738 USA
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
PathWave Design 2020
Accelerate your design workflow with Keysight's latest release of electronic design automation (EDA) software.
PathWave Design 2020 comprises a collection of software with new capabilities and extensive updates designed to enable the next generation of design workflows for RF and microwave, 5G, and automotive design engineers.
PathWave Design 2020 reduces setup time, automates routine tasks, and provides for faster simulation and analysis.
The software seamlessly integrates circuit design, electromagnetic (EM) simulation, layout capabilities, and system level modeling.
Improvements in data analytics allow for faster analysis and more timely design decisions.
Automation improvements reduce manual work. Learn how PathWave Design 2020 can accelerate your product development today by reducing the time you

FAX: +
E-MAIL: web@fasant.com
ADDRESS: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Guadalajara
Avenida de Buendía, 11
19005 Guadalajara, Spain
CATEGORIES: EElectromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
NewFASANT is a very powerful electromagnetic simulation software tool, which is based on several state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic (CEM) techniques. With NewFASANT you can solve a wide range of applied electromagnetic problema in fields of antenna analysis and design, RCS analysis of user specified geometries, electromagnetic compatibility analysis of user defined circuits or systems, radio propagation in urban environments, analysis of on-board antennas, military circuit and system applications, and many more that are unique to individual users for their CEM applications.

PedaSoft LLC.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +1.323.744. 7410
E-MAIL: Sales: sales@pedasoft.com / Technical Support: support@pedasoft.com
ADDRESS: 7000 North Valley St
Anaheim, California 92801 USA
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
EM-CORE is a 3D/2.5D Time-Domain Electromagnetic Field Solver Software for Planar-Circuit and Antenna Simulation. Enjoy 3D & 2D Radiation Patterns Modeling, Spiral Inductors Modeling, 3D EM Modeling of Filters, Intuitive Geometry Build, and more!
EM-SUPREMEis a Time-domain Field-Device-Circuit coupled simulator for modeling of passive structures, active components, and complete RF & millimeter-wave modules.

Simberian Inc.
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: +1.702-876-2882, virtual +1.408.627.7706, skype simberian
FAX: +1.702.482.7903
E-MAIL: Sales: sales@simberian.com / Support: support@simberian.com / General information: info@simberian.com
ADDRESS: Simberian Corporate Office
2629 Townsgate Rd., Suite #235
Westlake Village, California 91361, USA
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
Simbeor® is the one-stop solution for all interconnect budget exploration or pre-layout, design verification or post-layout, material parameters identification, and macro-modeling tasks. Simbeor is the industry-first measurement-validated tool for design of PCB and packaging interconnects. The accuracy of the models is ensured in Simbeor through the use of advanced algorithms for 3D full wave analysis, benchmarking and experimental validation. Simbeor beats the competition hands down, when it comes to validation of analysis with the measurements! Simulation of data links with the electromagnetic models eliminates uncertainties of simplified models and guaranties the first pass design success.

Sonnet Software, Inc.
CONTACT: Sales / Support / Info
PHONE: Toll Free North America: 877.7SONNET (877.776.6638) / Local: 315.453.3096
FAX: 315.451.1694
* sales@sonnetsoftware.com
* support@sonnetsoftware.com
* info@sonnetsoftware.com
ADDRESS: 126 N. Salina St.
Syracuse, New York 13202
* Electromagnetic Simulation / RF & Millimeter Wave Software
* Signal Integrity / EMC, EMI & EM-Modeling Software
At Sonnet, we've been developing 3D planar EM software since 1983, and our software has earned a solid reputation as the world's most accurate commercial high frequency planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis tool suite for single and multi-layer planar circuits and antennas. Our software provides very precise layout-based electrical model extraction of passive circuits and planar transmission lines from kHz through THz frequencies.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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