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Electromagnetic Simulation Software

CST of America®, Inc.
CONTACT: See web page for a list of representatives
PHONE: 508.665.4400
FAX: 508.665.4401
E-MAIL: info@us.cst.com
ADDRESS: US Headquarters - 492 Old Connecticut Path, Suite 505
Framingham, Massachusetts 01701
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation Software
CST offers a wide range of software products to address simulation challenges in the core markets microwaves & RF, EDA & electronics, EMC/EMI, charged particle dynamics, and statics & and low frequency.
At the center of CST's product offering is CST STUDIO SUITE™, which comprises CST’s full 3D electromagnetic simulation as well as other tools, dedicated to specific problems such as cable harness or EM/circuit co-simulation.

CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: +49 2842 981 100
FAX: +49 2842 981 199
E-MAIL: See web page
ADDRESS: Carl-Friedrich-Gauss-Str. 2
D-47475 Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation
EMPIRE XCcel – developed by engineering excellence – is one of the leading 3D electromagnetic field simulators. It is based on the powerful Finite Difference Time Domain method (FDTD), which has become an industrial standard for RF and microwave component and antenna design. Due to EMPIRE XCcel’s unique adaptive on-the-fly code generation it exhibits the fastest simulation engine known today. With this highly accelerated kernel full-wave EM-simulation problems can now be solved in minutes which used to take days some years ago.

For structure definition, a powerful Graphical User Interface is included in the EMPIRE XCcel package and several structure import and export formats are supported. EMPIRE XCcel’s applicability ranges from analyzing planar, multi-layered and conformal circuits, components and antennas to multi-pin packages, waveguides, and SI/EMC problems including the device’s operational environment. Time signals, scattering parameters, and field animations are generated accurately for a broad frequency range within only one simulation run. Monitoring and animation capabilities give physical insight into electromagnetic wave phenomena while accurate results are obtained with little effort.

PHONE: +34 91 88 56 701
FAX: +34 91 88 56 646
E-MAIL: web@fasant.com
ADDRESS: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Guadalajara
Avenida de Buendía, 11
19005 Guadalajara (Spain)
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation Software
NewFASANT is a very powerful electromagnetic simulation software tool, which is based on several state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic (CEM) techniques. With NewFASANT you can solve a wide range of applied electromagnetic problema in fields of antenna analysis and design, RCS analysis of user specified geometries, electromagnetic compatibility analysis of user defined circuits or systems, radio propagation in urban environments, analysis of on-board antennas, military circuit and system applications, and many more that are unique to individual users for their CEM applications.

Simberian Inc.
PHONE: 206.409.2368, 408.627.7706, skype simberian
FAX: 206.726.1098
E-MAIL: sales@simberian.com
ADDRESS: 2326 E Denny Way,
Seattle Washington 98122
CATEGORIES: Electromagnetic Simulation
Simbeor® 2008 is a easy-to-use, efficient and cost-effective electromagnetic software for physical design of PCB and packaging interconnects operating at 6-100 Gb/s and beyond.
Simbeor is the industry-first tool to synthesize minimal-reflection geometry for transmission lines and via-holes, to build advanced electromagnetic models for all elements of PCB/packaging interconnects, and to simulate a complete data link in frequency and time domains. The accuracy of the models is ensured in Simbeor through the use of advanced algorithms for 3D full wave analysis. Analysis of a data link with the electromagnetic models eliminates uncertainties of simplified models and guaranties the first pass design success.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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