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Chemical Etching & Machining / Milling

American Circuit Technology
CONTACT: Dean McCellan
PHONE: 1.215.572.1543
FAX: 1.215.572.8015
E-MAIL: actpins@hotmail.com
ADDRESS: 215 Ruscombe Avenue (office)
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038 USA
* Registration Pins
* Photoresists/Phototools-Supplies
* Supplies and Consumables
* Chemical Etching & Machining/Milling
Registration Pins applicable for fixed pinning process.
Photo-Tools for Printed Circuit Boards: Inner Layers, Flex Circuits, Screen Printing & lamination.
Pins are available in many standard configurations. Stainless Steel, Brass and Plastic.
ACT specializes in custom sizes and configurations.
If you have any "special need" please don't hesitate to fax/email us a print or a sketch of what you have in mind!

Pacific Photo Lithography
CONTACT: Don or Robert Gangemi
PHONE: 408.988.8930
FAX: 408.988.8960
E-MAIL: pplith@juno.com
ADDRESS: 3255 Woodward,
Santa Clara, California 95054
CATEGORIES: Etching: Photo Etching / Chemical Milling
High quality precision metal photo etched components including, plated, flat, bent & formed.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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