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Photoresists / Phototools / PCB Films & Processing Chemicals

American Circuit Technology
CONTACT: Dean McCellan
PHONE: 1.215.572.1543
FAX: 1.215.572.8015
E-MAIL: actpins@hotmail.com
ADDRESS: 215 Ruscombe Avenue (office)
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038 USA
* Registration Pins
* Photoresists / Phototools / PCB Films & Processing Chemicals
* Supplies and Consumables
* Chemical Etching & Machining/Milling
Registration Pins applicable for fixed pinning process.
Photo-Tools for Printed Circuit Boards: Inner Layers, Flex Circuits, Screen Printing & lamination.
Pins are available in many standard configurations. Stainless Steel, Brass and Plastic.
ACT specializes in custom sizes and configurations.
If you have any "special need" please don't hesitate to fax/email us a print or a sketch of what you have in mind!

Dupont Imaging Materials
CONTACT: Alyssa Koontz
PHONE: 919.248.5418
FAX: 919.248.5132
E-MAIL: Alyssa.J.Koontz@usa.dupont.com
ADDRESS: 14 T.W. Alexander Drive,
Research Triangle Park North Carolina 27709-4425
CATEGORIES: Photoresists / Phototools / PCB Films & Processing Chemicals
Riston® Master Series High Performance Resists for every major application. Complete Phototooling Systems.

J. Weaver Enterprises
CONTACT: John Weaver
PHONE: 510.794.8975
CELL PHONE: 510.908.3593
FAX: 510.792.9968
E-MAIL: john.weaver@johnweaver.com
ADDRESS: 4789 Granado Ave.,
Fremont, California 94536
CATEGORIES: Photoresists / Phototools / PCB Films & Processing Chemicals
PCI Diazo Films, Folex Diazo Films, Silver Films and Chemicals for Red, Blue, Green Lasers, ProGuard 1/4 mil Laminate Film

Eastman Kodak Company - PCB Products
E-MAIL: pcbproducts@kodak.com
ADDRESS: 343 State Street
Rochester, New York 14650-0505
CATEGORIES: Photoresists / Phototools / PCB Films & Processing Chemicals
Our Printed Circuit Board products have been developed exclusively for PCB applications using advanced techniques that came directly out of Kodak's decades of imaging experience. Kodak invented the nucleated emulsion technology that has proven so valuable in PCB manufacturing today. We've been improving it ever since. With films and processing chemicals designed specifically for the electronics industry, we're dedicated to making imaging easier, faster and more cost effective for our customers.

CONTACT: Mr. Roy Park
PHONE: 82.32.681.2117
FAX: 82.32.681.2118
E-MAIL: moum@moumtech.com / chipa@moumtech.com
ADDRESS: No. 194-1 Nae-Dong, Ojeong-Gu, Bucheon-City,
Gyeonggi-Do, South, Korea
CATEGORY :Photoresists / Phototools / PCB Films & Processing Chemicals
Industrial UV lamps – UV Exposure lamp for photoresists, diazo film and UV curing lamps from 1kw ~ 33kw high pressure metal halide lamps and mercury lamps., 150~1kw replaceable short arc lamps and manufacturing UV Exposure machine and UV curing machines for all applicable electric industries. and RTP halogen lamps for semiconductors.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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