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Photoresists / Phototools

Dupont Imaging Materials
CONTACT: Alyssa Koontz
PHONE: 919.248.5418
FAX: 919.248.5132
E-MAIL: Alyssa.J.Koontz@usa.dupont.com
ADDRESS: 14 T.W. Alexander Drive,
Research Triangle Park North Carolina 27709-4425
CATEGORIES: Photoresists & Phototools
Riston® Master Series High Performance Resists for every major application. Complete Phototooling Systems.

J. Weaver Enterprises
CONTACT: John Weaver
PHONE: 510.794.8975
CELL PHONE: 510.908.3593
FAX: 510.792.9968
E-MAIL: john.weaver@johnweaver.com
ADDRESS: 4789 Granado Ave.,
Fremont, California 94536
CATEGORIES: Phototools, Photochemicals
PCI Diazo Films, Folex Diazo Films, Silver Films and Chemicals for Red, Blue, Green Lasers, ProGuard 1/4 mil Laminate Film

CONTACT: Mr. Roy Park
PHONE: 82.32.681.2117
FAX: 82.32.681.2118
E-MAIL: moum@moumtech.com / chipa@moumtech.com
ADDRESS: No. 194-1 Nae-Dong, Ojeong-Gu, Bucheon-City,
Gyeonggi-Do, South, Korea
CATEGORY : Photoresists / Phototools
Industrial UV lamps – UV Exposure lamp for photoresists, diazo film and UV curing lamps from 1kw ~ 33kw high pressure metal halide lamps and mercury lamps., 150~1kw replaceable short arc lamps and manufacturing UV Exposure machine and UV curing machines for all applicable electric industries. and RTP halogen lamps for semiconductors.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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