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PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software

Quick links for PCB design, schematic capture, routing, spice simulation software:

Pad2Pad - Free PCB design software. *

Patchr - A printed circuit board design platform that offers both free/open-source and premium versions.

Zuken / CADSTAR - Free evaluation version.

PCB Artist by Advanced Circuits - Free PCB Design Package. *

VeeCAD is a Stripboard Editor. Both free and pay versions available.

CircuitMaker by Altium Free-to-use schematic and PCB design tool.

PCBWeb Designer Free schematic & PCB layout software.

ExpressPCB Free schematic & PCB layout software. *

PCBGERB Easy low cost PCB editor - demo available.

EasyEDA EasyEDA is a free, zero-install Web and Cloud based EDA tool suite.

PCB Creator by Bay Area Circuits - Free PCB Design Package. *

ABACOM Schematic editor, PCB design & stripboard tools. You can download limited demo version.

EDWinXP by Visionics - 14 day evaluation period.

Layo1 PCB Evaluation, Hobby and Study up to 200 Component Pins.

BoardMaker3 Demo version available.

PCB123 by Sunstone Circuits - Free PCB Design Package. *

CIRCAD by Holophase - PCB Design Package. You can download free evaluation version.

Easy-PC - Integrated Circuit Capture and PCB Design. You can download free evaluation version.

Murton-Pike Systems PCBCAD design software - Low cost PCB design package with autorouter.

DesignSpark PCB - Free for commercial or non-commercial use, no limitations or licensing.

Topor Topology editor and automatic router. You can download limited demo version.

Autodesk EAGLE PCB design software. Limited free version. Also free student version.

ZenitPCB Layout is freeware for personal or semi-professional use, limited to 800 pins.

ORCAD - Full version - see below for free version.

OrCAD Lite - Free limited version.

PCB ELEGANCE Nice looking CAD/CAM software for schematic and routing. You can download limited demo version.

Douglas CAD/CAM - Both Mac & PC Software - PCB CAD/CAM software. You can download free version.

PADS®, Mentor Graphics - PCB Design & development, from schematic entry to manufacturing preparation. You can try it free for 30 days.

TARGET 3001 - PCB CAD/CAM software. You can download limited demo version.

VUTRAX - PCB CAD/CAM software. You can download limited demo version.

DESIGN WORKS - PCB schematic capture and simulation software. You can download free evaluation version.

SCORE - Free schematic capture software.

CSIEDA - Schematic capture and routing for PC.

EPD - Electronics Packaging Designer - RF/hybrid/flex design tools based on AutoCAD. Demo / trial software requires registration.

AutoTrax Eda - Schematic design and PCB routing software. You can download free copy from the web site.

SprintLayout - Low cost tool to create layouts for single-sided and double-sided PCBs. Limited demo version.

CADINT - Full featured PCB Design & Schematic Capture FREE download.

KICAD - GPL open source schematic capture and PCB routing.

Merlin PCB Designer - Merlin PCB Designer is a free printed circuit board (PCB) layout tool

FREE-PCB - FreePCB is a free, open-source printed circuit board layout editor for Microsoft Windows.

TinyCAD - TinyCAD is a free open-source schematic editor written by Matt Pyne.

WINQCAD - Schematic capture, PCB routing. Free 200 pin version for download.

Pulsonix - PCB schematic capture and routing software. You can download free evaluation version.

* = Vendor Limited

ABACOM Ingenieurgesellschaft
CONTACT: Mr. Lothar Feldmann or Mr. Matthias Prüssel
PHONE: (+49) 4222 / 94 66 70
FAX: (+49) 4222 / 94 66 71
E-MAIL: abacom.del@t-online.de
ADDRESS: Wittekindstr. 2 A
27777 Ganderkesee, Germany
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
All software applications from our ELECTRONICS-SOFTWARE series are very easy and intuitive to handle. This is because our software is not overloaded with mostly unneeded and complicated functions - there is always a user-friendly and uncomplicated structure. You don’t need to read manuals for hours and hours, trying to understand the software. With our software you can finally concentrate on the essential point: The exciting electronic hobby!
* sPlan 7.0
The schematic editor for Windows
* Sprint-Layout 5.0
Design your own Printed Circuit Boards
* LochMaster 3.0
A developers tool for stripboard projects

Altium Ltd. - Headquarters
PHONE: 1800 030 949 (Australian sales & support)
FAX: +61 2 8986 4440
E-MAIL: Email: sales.au@altium.com (Australian sales)
E-MAIL: support.au@altium.com (Australian support)
Altium Headquarters
PHONE: +1.858.864.1500
FAX: +1.858.864.1710
ADDRESS: 4225 Executive Square, Level 7
La Jolla, California 92037, USA

Altium registered office and company secretary
Phone: +61.2.9410.1005 / 1.800.030.949 (toll free)
Fax: +61.2.9410.0509
Address: Level 6, Tower B, The Zenith
821 Pacific Highway, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
Altium Designer – the industry’s only single-application, unified electronic design solution – gives you a competitive edge and an unmatched ability to design and build next generation electronic products.

Autodesk, Inc. / Eagle
CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: 415.507.5000
FAX: 415.507.5100
E-MAIL: See web page
ADDRESS: Worldwide Headquarters:
111 McInnis Parkway
San Rafael, California 94903, USA
* PCB Layout & Design Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
"PCB layout software for every engineer"
Bring your electronic inventions to life with a complete set of PCB layout and schematic editing tools, library content, and community-driven features.

CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
AutoTRAX Design Express (DEX) is a powerful integrated Electronic Design Suites for Electronic Engineers. It has all the features you expect and need to rapidly and easily take your design from conception through to production. Its in-built hierarchical project manager lets you perform both top-down and bottom-up design and reuse design components and sub-systems. Schematic capture and pcb layout has never been easier.

Baas Electronics
Layo1 PCB
PHONE: + 31 788 420 602
FAX: +31 788 420 603
E-MAIL: info@layo1.com
ADDRESS: Postbox 5114
3295 ZG s'Gravendeel, The Netherlands
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Looking for a professional, easy-to-use program?
Do you want unrestricted control of the track pattern down to the finest details?
Do you want a perfect connection with the netlist from your diagram-drawing program?
Do you also want to be able to work without netlist?
Do you even want to draw quite mechanical objects in separate layers?
Do you want direct telephone contact with the designers?
Do you want modifications to the program?
It’s all possible with Layo1 PCB.

PHONE: 01354 695959
FAX: 01354 695957
E-MAIL: sales@tsien.com
ADDRESS: Zion Building, Park Street,
Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom PE16 6AE
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
BoardMaker3 is an integrated environment for the design of Printed circuit boards, offering a comprehensive set of tools that allow schematic entry, Spice simulation, 3D viewing and an Autorouter Interface.

BoardPerfect Solutions
Westland Beheer B.V.
PHONE: +31(0) 36 80 80 440
E-MAIL: info@boardperfect.com
ADDRESS: Krachtveld 7
1395 KG Almere,The Netherlands
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
BoardPerfect is an advanced, yet easy-to-use EDA auto-router for design engineers.
The router chooses paths more intelligently, and makes better use of routing real estate on dense board designs.

CAD Design Software
CONTACT: Sales/Hans Schiesser
PHONE: 408.436.1340 / 877.CAD.USER (877.223.8737)
E-MAIL: sales@cad-design.com, hschiesser@cad-design.com
ADDRESS: 2975 Bowers Ave., Suite 315
Santa Clara, California 95051
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software
* CAD Library Parts, CAD Library Creation and Maintenance
* Engineering Services / Systems Integration / Programming
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
CAD Design Software produces Electronic Design Automation layout software that utilizes very advanced 2D and 3D graphics capabilities for the RF/Microwave PCB, Flex, Hybrid/MCM, and IC packaging industries. EPD, also known as Electronics Package Designer, is the core design engine in all CAD Design Software’s design suites. Each suite is tailored for specific technologies and industries. The result is faster, more accurate designs than are possible with other “Design Automation” tools.

CONTACT: Mary Leasure
PHONE: 800.553.1177
FAX: 707.924.0907
E-MAIL: sales@cadint.com
ADDRESS: 16012 N. 3rd Dr.
Phoenix, Arizona 85023
* PCB Layout & Design Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
CADint is the leading CAD/CAE price performance based system available on the market today.
It's tight integration between schematic capture and PCB are unparalelled in the industry.
Interfaces are available for all of the popular products available today. Easy to use, and
learn. Brought to you by the creators of EE Designer.

Features include:
Schematic Capture
System Hierarchical capabilities
100% forward & backward annotation
PCB Layout, any size or shape
Gerber In/Out
.DXF in/out
Full 3D to Solidworks/Autocad
unlimited holes/nets

* Click here for Cadint V4.0.3 multi window screen shot

Cadonix Ltd.
PHONE: +44 (0) 845 519 0038
E-MAIL: info@cadonix.com
ADDRESS: John Eccles House
Robert Robinson Avenue
Oxford Science Park,
Oxford, OX4 4GP UK
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Arcadia Schematic facilitates engineers to interactively place and connect electrical components to create schematic diagrams enabling live simulation and analysis. It is easy to draw, evaluate & test individual systems or large full vehicle schematics spread over 100+ sheets.
* Schematic Capture
* Component Database
* Harness Design
* Formboard Design
* Manufacturing

Capilano Computing Systems
CONTACT: Neil MacKenzie
PHONE: 604.522.6200
FAX: 604.522.3972
E-MAIL: neil@capilano.com
ADDRESS: 603 - 1641 Lonsdale Ave,
North Vancouver, B.C., V7M 2J5 CANADA
PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Capilano Computing is one of the most established names in software tools for electronic design. Incorporated in 1982, the company released its first design software product in 1985. Our software is now installed in thousands of design and production facilities worldwide.
Our flagship product is DesignWorks Professional, the most powerful, easy-to-use schematic capture package on the market. The package is especially attractive to leading edge research facilities, where the ability to customize and add functionality allows the product to adapt to changing requirements.
We also specialize in producing specialized versions of diagram entry products for OEMs in other fields. For an example, see the EMTPWorks power system design product, based on DesignWorks.

CONTACT: Richard Cartwright
PHONE: +61.2.9380.5033
FAX: +61.2.9383.8271
E-MAIL: info@chunk.com.au / sales@chunk.com.au
ADDRESS: PO Box 463, Alexandria,
NSW 1435 Australia
CATEGORIES: Software, CAD / CAM, PCB Design & More - PCB Layout / Design & Autorouting and Software & Shareware, Demo, Freeware & Trial Offer
ChunkSchematic is a simple, yet incredibly powerful and flexible schematic capture software package for Windows. At Chunk Systems we design effects pedals for bass guitar. For years we've been looking for a reliable and affordable schematic capture tool which gives us results in a useful netlist format. Eventually we gave up and wrote our own.
Anyone can download and use ChunkSchematic, but a license for the correct pin count is required to export a netlist. You can obtain licenses in two ways:
1. You can purchase them at an affordable price.
2. You can contribute to the publically available library of parts for ChunkSchematic. Chunk Systems will reward your contribution by offering you extra license capacity.
The idea behind this purchasing system is that ChunkSchematic can be useful for everybody from hobbyists and students through to professional engineers.
For more information about the goals and features of ChunkSchematic click here:

CircuitMaker by Altium
E-MAIL: circuitmaker@circuitmaker.com
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Free to use, and Powerful
CircuitMaker is the best free-to-use schematic and PCB design tool for the Open Source Hardware community. We think that just because you’re willing to share your work and passion for electronics, doesn’t mean you should have to use second-rate design tools. We think, that if you’re giving back to the community, you deserve something that will help, not hinder. But CircuitMaker is more than just a free schematic and PCB design tool - it’s a vibrant community of open source designers, makers, hobbyists, students and professionals working together to make exciting new products every day.


Altium Headquarters
PHONE: +1.858.864.1500
FAX: +1.858.864.1710
ADDRESS: 4225 Executive Square, Level 7
La Jolla, California 92037, USA

Altium registered office and company secretary
Phone: +61.2.9410.1005 / 1.800.030.949 (toll free)
Fax: +61.2.9410.0509
Address: Level 6, Tower B, The Zenith
821 Pacific Highway, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

CONTACT: Susan Toland
PHONE: 617.924.4848
FAX: 617.924.4884
E-MAIL: stoland@connecteda.com
ADDRESS: 23 Emerson Road,
Watertown, Massachusetts 02472
CATEGORIES: PCB Autorouting Software
ConnectEDA provides the ELECTRA powerful, shape-based PCB autorouting solutions that exceed industry-standard benchmark completion rates with plug-in compatibility with the SPECCTRA® DSN interface. Enjoy the benefits of ELECTRA's strong performance and esthetic results now, with affordable prices starting at $600.

Novarm DipTrace PCB Design Software
Customer Support: support@diptrace.com
Sales: sales@diptrace.com
Click logo above for more information & Trial Copy

DesignSpark PCB by RS Components Ltd.
CONTACT: Marketing
PHONE: 01536 201234
E-MAIL: general@rswww.com
ADDRESS: Birchington Road
Corby, Northants NN17 9RS uk
* Software: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Software: Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
"The World’s Most Powerful Free Schematic and PCB Layout Tool"
Free from practical constraints on board size, pin counts, layers and output types, DesignSpark PCB can be used for schematic capture, PCB layout and generating manufacturing files.
Multi-page schematic designs are supported, gerber (extended) outputs allow the designer to choose who will manufacture their board.
DesignSpark PCB supports the importing of Eagle design files and libraries.

CONTACT: Dillon He
E-MAIL: dillon@easyeda.com
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
"EasyEDA is a free, zero-install Web and Cloud based EDA tool suite, designed to give electrical engineers, educators, engineering students and electronics hobbyists an Easier EDA Experience. So hackers can build PCB online."

CONTACT: Denis Zhiltsov
PHONE: +7 (495) 232.1864
FAX: +7 (495) 234.0640
E-MAIL: Zhiltsov@eremex.com
ADDRESS: 108 Profsoyuznaya St.
Moscow, Russia 117437
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Having more than 15 years experience in PCB design software development, Eremex Company offers the unique CAD solution for today's increasingly complex design tasks.
Our mission is to optimize your development time and reduce production costs by combining technologies, resources and experience.
As a result of using a combination of our resources and technical expertise we can offer a solution with a distinctive set of characteristics and capable of using special mathematical algorithms of topological optimization.
Eremex team, which includes Ph.D.s and professors, is ready to support you on every project stage and offers individual approach to your requirements.

Our products:
High-performance topological router - TopoR
* Fast routing with excellent quality, in most cases superior to time-consuming qualified manual routing
* A set of powerful tools, which altogether make electronic devices design time dozens times less
* Unique algorithms and alternative approach to complex problems
Electronic circuit simulator – SimOne
* High-speed modeling. Tens of times faster than classic SPICE software.
* Multicore support and parallel modeling.
* Circuit Stability Analysis.
*Export of modeling results. The variables, expressions and equations that have been prepared can be exported to well-known engineering numeric program such as Matlab and Maple, and to Excel.
And much, much more!

E-MAIL: support@expresspcb.com
ADDRESS: P.O. Box 22956
Santa Barbara, California 93121
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
The ExpressPCB CAD software is very easy to learn and use. For the first time, designing circuit boards is simple for the beginner and efficient for the professional. Best of all, its FREE.
Our electronics design software includes two applications, one for drawing schematics, the other for PCB layout.

Free Routing Software
Free push & shove routing software a new high quality push & shove routing software for printed circuit boards is available.

The application is written in Java and currently completely free.
It communicates with host PCB-design systems via the standard Specctra (Electra) DSN Interface. There exists also an interface to Cadsoft Eagle.

The interactive push&shove router is production stable and unsurpassed in its free angle capabilities.

The autorouter is currently under development.
It is already stable in the standard 45 degree routing mode.
The speed of the autorouter is still a bit slow, but the quality of the routing results is very good when compared with the results of existing autorouters.

Fritzing / University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
E-MAIL: info@fritzing.org
ADDRESS: Potsdam, Germany
* Prototyping Systems / Milling Systems
* Software: Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
* Software: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Technical / How to Pages / Hobby - DIY / Technical Bulletins / Tips & Techniques
"Fritzing is an open-source initiative to support designers, artists, researchers and hobbyists to work creatively with interactive electronics.
We are creating a software and website in the spirit of Processing and Arduino, developing a tool that allows users to document their prototypes, share them with others, teach electronics in a classroom, and to create a pcb layout for professional manufacturing."

Holophase Incorporated / CIRCAD
PHONE: 800.528.6516
E-MAIL: sales@holophase.com
ADDRESS: 6191 Orange Drive, Suite 6163-G
Davie, Florida 33314
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
CIRCAD is a powerful and easy-to-use PCB Design package. Included within one clean and simple program are ample tools for all aspects of circuit design and manufacturing. It is a thoroughly modern 21st century program, yet it still carries its original 20th century price tag.

Intercept Technology Inc.
CONTACT: Abby Monaco
PHONE: 404.352.0111
FAX: 404.352.3744
E-MAIL: sales@intercept.com
ADDRESS: 1819 Peachtree Rd., Suite 100,
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Intercept Technology Inc. is the leading supplier of technology independent PCB, Hybrid, and RF design and layout software. Intercept offers a full suite of software solutions that includes Pantheon PCB/Hybrid/RF layout design, Mozaix schematic design, Indx library management, Xtent high speed constraint manager, and 35+ translators and interfaces that facilitate full environment migration and the completion of RF, Hybrid, High Speed, SiP, Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal designs. From schematic, to library, to layout and verification, to manufacture, Intercept offers a complete environment solution.

McCAD / Vamp Inc.
PHONE: 323.466.5533
FAX: 323.466.8564
E-MAIL: sales@mccad.com
ADDRESS: 6753 Selma Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90028-6120
CATEGORIES: * PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software * Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software
VAMP Inc. is the publisher of McCAD E.D.S software, a complete family of integrated electronic designs systems for MS Windows and Macintosh OS platforms. McCAD Electronic Design Systems offer a choice of design environments with a wide range of system configurations tailored to the specific needs of the designer. McCAD modules take the designer through the complete design cycle: Schematic capture, Simulation (analog & digital), Printed Circuit Board layout, Autorouting and Gerber generation for board fabrication. McCAD software gives the electronic designer the technical range needed, and at the same time provides control and flexibility.

New Wave Concepts Limited
PHONE: +44 (0) 8706 09 09 11
FAX: +44 (0) 8706 09 09 12
E-MAIL: sales@new-wave-concepts.com
ADDRESS: St. John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road
Cambridge, CB4 0WS, UK
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
New Wave Concepts is a leading developer and supplier of electronics CAD software for education and industry. Since its foundation in Cambridge (UK) in 1997, the company has enjoyed remarkable success with a rapidly increasing worldwide customer base now in excess of 55,000 users.
New Wave Concepts current product brands include Control Studio 2, Bright Spark, Livewire, PCB Wizard 3 and Circuit Wizard. These offer focused solutions covering the full range of activities in electronics from circuit design and simulation through to board level design and manufacture. For more information, please visit the products section of our web site.

NorthStar Solutions
Circuit Layout
FAX: 206.984.4129
ADDRESS: 2831 El Dorado Pkwy, Suite 103-166
Frisco, Texas 75033
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Circuit Layout is a printed circuit board design program that provides a rich feature set. Features include an integrated autorouter, netlist import, Gerber photoplotter support, and design rules checks. It is intended for hobbyists, and small businesses.

Number One Systems / Easy-PC
CONTACT: sales
PHONE: +44 (0) 1684 773662
FAX: +44 (0) 1684 773664
E-MAIL: sales@numberone.com
ADDRESS: Oak Lane, Bredon,
Tewkesbury, Glos. GL20 7LR, UK
* See web page for worldwide sales
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
Easy-PC offers truly astounding price/performance in PCB design, a professional level layout product available at computer store prices! Easy-PC brings you features normally found in the world's most expensive PCB design systems. Just take a look at the full datasheet and you'll see what terrific value you get with Easy-PC!

Easy-PC comes complete with schematic capture fully integrated with PCB layout, using a true connective database - not a net-list transfer as with some systems. You might like to download the trial version and explore more of the key features for yourself.

Ohio Automation
PHONE: 740.596.1023
E-MAIL: See contact form on web page
ADDRESS: 62971 Siverly Creek Road
McArthur, Ohio 45651
CATEGORIES: Software: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Founded in 1985, Ohio Automation is located in McArthur, Ohio. We provide high performance cost-effective solutions for the Engineering industry, including Printed Circuit Board Design, Simulation, Analysis and Layout.

Osmond PCB by Joseph C. Chavez
CATEGORY: PCB design and Layout Software for Macintosh
Osmond PCBis a flexible Macintosh application that allows anyone to easily design printed circuit boards.
Osmond PCB Users Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/osmondpcb/join
Osmond PCB can be purchased from Capilano Computing (www.capilano.com) see above

PHONE: 201.962.7512
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: 31 Industrial Ave
Mahwah, New Jersey 07430
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Founded in 2004, Pad2Pad has continually innovated in printed circuit board manufacturing and design software. We provide FREE PCB design software, high-quality circuit boards and first-rate customer service.
Whether for a personal project or commercial application, Pad2Pad is the comprehensive solution for design, manufacturing, and assembly of custom circuit boards.

Patchr Inc.
PHONE: 469.531.4048
E-MAIL: hello@patchr.io
ADDRESS: 3005 S. Lamar Blvd. #103
Austin, Texas 78704
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware, Open Source & Trial Software
Patchr.io is a printed circuit board design platform that makes PCB design the easy part of your project. Patchr brings the usability of tools such as Sketch, Photoshop, and Canva to PCB design and allows electronics makers to quickly and easily bring ideas to life.

PCB Artist by Advanced Circuits
PHONE: 303.557.1945
FAX: 888.224.3291
ADDRESS: 21100 E. 32nd Parkway,
Aurora, Colorado 80011
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
- Free PCB Design Package
Printed Circuit Board Design the Easy Way!
PCB Design Layout Software with FREE Live Technical Support and top PCB Layout Capabilities. Features such as "Multi-Page Schematic" and "Netlist Import".
Our printed circuit board software is not only easy to use, it is absolutely the best available! Our customers tell us this over and over again! One of the reasons they love doing business with us is because of our PCB design software. When it comes to designing printed circuit boards, we help you get it done right, and that saves you time and money down the line.

PCBCAD design software by Murton-Pike Systems
PHONE: 07967.527693
E-MAIL: nigel@murtonpikesystems.co.uk
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
Price: See web page
* Schematic and PCB symbol designer wizards.
* Auto creates SIL, DIL, circular and QUAD PCB footprints from your parameters.
* Schematic entry with auto convert schematic to PCB ratsnest, unconnected pin scanner and single ended net scanner.
* PCB entry with 127 layer rip up and retry auto-router with clearance and continuity check.
* Integrity checker, compares schematic and PCB for differences.
* Component locater.
* Parts list output.
* Schematic/PCB component auto-renumbering and re-annotation.
* RS274X Gerber file generator and NC/Excellon drill file generator.
* Pick and place file generator with fiducial option.
* 3D PCB viewer module.
* Output schematic to printer auto-sized.
* Output PCB to printer in 4:1, 2:1 and 1:1 scaling and mirroring about x and y axis.
* Merge schematics and merge PCB's.
* Library scanners for fast component selection.
* Gerber file viewer (PCBCAD40 files only)
* Component locater, block-mode for repeats, shifts, rotations etc.
* Net optimizer for shortest routes.
* Auto component placers for minimum routing.
* Recursive auto-autoplace, rotational autoplace and swap autoplacer.
* Auto-place and route recursively function for lazy PCB design.
* Unconnected pin scanner.
* Forward annotation function from schematic to PCB.
* Screen capture to bitmap file in schematic and PCB entry.
* PCB's up to 50 by 50 inches.
* 127 copper layers, 127 resist layers, 127 power-plane layers, each layer can be connected to a different NET.
* 2 silk layers (upper/lower)
* Comes with symbol libraries, 4000, 7400 and general as standard.
* User manual in each module
* Telephone and email helplines.
* This is the full version and not a crippled, time limited or downsized version.
* This is a fully integrated package and not a suite of amateur free programs cobbled together.

PCB Creator by Bay Area Circuits
PHONE: 650.367.8444
Click Here for PCB Creator
ADDRESS: Redwood City,
California 94063
PCB Creator is:
* Free
* Easy to use
* Will allow you to design 2 and 4 layer PCBs
* Provides easy quote and order options
* Gerber files available at no cost after PCB order
PCB Creator Includes:
* PCB Layout — PCB design with easy-to-use manual routing tools, autorouter and auto-placement.
* Schematic — Schematic Capture with multi-level hierarchy and export to PCB Layout, Spice or Netlist.
* Component and Pattern Editors — allow you to make new parts and footprints.
* Standard Libraries – include 100,000+ parts.
* 3D PCB Preview – shows your design in 3D. 2500+ package 3D models are supplied with the program.
* Import/Export Features – allow you to exchange designs and libraries with other EDA tools.
* Step-by-Step Tutorial – learn the software and start real work in a few hours.
* Windows Based Software.

PCBGERB by Raczynski Consulting
CONTACT: Stanislaw Raczynski
PHONE: 55.5655.4467
E-MAIL: stanracz@stanr.com
ADDRESS: ISSFAM ed C11 dep 203,
14620 Mexico City, Mexico
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
PCBGERB is an easy, low cost printed circuit design program. Supports multiple layers, generates Gerber files in RS-274X format.

CONTACT: Klaus Kloos
PHONE: +49 2407 918376
FAX: +49 2407 918386
E-MAIL: See web page
ADDRESS: Mühlenstr. 73
52134 Herzogenrath Germany
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
PCBWarrior, board layout for the Mac.
* an easy and intuitiv way of working
* no limitation in board size, count of parts and count of layers
* administration of components
* easy building of own components
* free adjustable grid
* management of potentials
* airways
* pads as circles, squares, rectangles and ovals
* SMD support
* design check
* administration of potentials
* metric or inch based
* german, english, dutch and french versions
* making lists of parts
* reading/writing lists of connections (e.g. connect to DesignWorks (Light) )
The Output goes to a printer, or in a file using the Gerber and the Excellon format.
These files are used by manufacturers.
The program is shareware and costs 30 Dollar.

PCBWeb Designer
Silicon Frameworks, LLC
E-MAIL: support@pcbweb.com
ADDRESS: 950 West Bannock Street #630,
Boise, Idaho 83702
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design & Schematic Capture
PCBWeb Designer is a free full-featured design tool without restrictions. There’s no limit to the size of your board or the number of components in your design. Your data is never held "captive" as we offer full gerber export.

Pentalogix Inc.
CONTACT: Support
PHONE: 800.238.1920 or 503.828.9409
E-MAIL: support@pentalogix.com
ADDRESS: 10191 SW Avery Street,
Tualatin Oregon 97062
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
PentaLogix Inc. is a company founded in 2002 by former employees of Lavenir Technology. We are dedicated to developing world class CAM, PCB Design and Test software.
* ViewMate
* CAMMaster
* ProbeMaster

Premier EDA Solutions Ltd.
PHONE: 01920 876 250 / International: +44 1920 876 250
FAX: 01920 872 615 / International: +44 1920 872 615
E-MAIL: sales@eda.co.uk
ADDRESS: 4 Millers House 1st Floor, Roydon Road,
Stanstead Abbotts, Ware, Herts, SG12 8HN, UK
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout & Design Software
Over the years, Premier's reputation and customer base has grown dramatically. We now have a unique portfolio of Altium software products, training and skills solutions. No other EDA vendor or distributor has such an offering. No other EDA vendor or distributor is able to provide such a wide ranging service to it's customers.

Proteus PCB
Labcenter Electronics Ltd.
CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: +44 1756 753440
FAX: +44 1756 753857
E-MAIL: info@labcenter.co.uk
ADDRESS: 53-55 Main Street
Grassington, North Yorkshire BD23 5AA UK
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Proteus PCB design combines the ISIS schematic capture and ARES PCB layout programs to provide a powerful, integrated and easy to use suite of tools for professional PCB Design.
All Proteus PCB design products include an integrated shape based autorouter and a basic SPICE simulation capability as standard. More advanced routing modes are included in Proteus PCB Design Level 2 and higher whilst simulation capabilities can be enhanced by purchasing the Advanced Simulation option and/or micro-controller simulation capabilities.

Pulsonix EDA Software
WestDev Ltd
UK Office
PHONE: +44 (0) 1684 296551
FAX: +44 (0) 1684 296515
Support: +44 (0) 1684 296570
E-MAIL: sales@pulsonix.com
ADDRESS: Headquarters
20 Miller Court, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. GL20 8DN. UK.
* PCB Layout & Design Software
* Demo & Trial Offer Software
Pulsonix is a powerful, yet easy to learn and use design tool that offers true value for money. With a rich tool set throughout Pulsonix, every feature has been carefully created to ensure that it provides maximum productivity to the designer.

Seetrax CAE Ltd.
Tel: + 44 (0)1202 528686
Fax: + 44 (0)1202 528848
Email: sales@seetrax.com
ADDRESS: 28 Vine Farm Close,
Poole, Dorset, England, BH12 5EJ
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software - Software: Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
As of August 23, 2006, the full version of Ranger2 PCB CAD software is now available as a freeware version. According to the manufacturer, it has become uneconomic to sell Ranger2 due to the administration costs involved. But rather than discontinue a very popular product, the company has decided to offer it as a freeware version. All Ranger2 designs and libraries are fully upwards compatible with the current Ranger2 XL and Ranger XL packages.
Key features include:
* Schematic: eight sheets - A5 to A1; auto-allocation of parts and pins; macros; up to eight power rails.
* ArtWork: 25 µm resolution; 16 000 pins, 1400 components; 16 layers; 16 track and 16 pad sizes per design; an 800 by 800 mm PCB area; gate and pin swapping; back annotation; signal highlight; autorouter (single or double-sided).
* Outputs: printers/plotters with Windows drivers, Gerber, NC drill files and HPGL.
* General: Futurenet pinlist input; Gerber input.
* DXF: transfer and interfaces to Specctra auto-router.
For more information contact Ian Watson, Mimic Components/Crafts, +27 (0) 11 689 5700, ian@mimic.co.za
Credit(s) for above supplied By:
Mimic Components/Mimic Crafts
Tel (011) 689 5700
Fax (011) 493 8821
Email sales@mimic.co.za
www www.mimic.co.za

E-MAIL: customerservice@solo-labs.com
ADDRESS: Solo-Labs is a Service of DownStream Technologies, LLC.
225 Cedar Hill Street, Suite 333
Marlborough, Massachusetts 01752
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
At the heart of Solo-Labs.com is our FREE PCB Design software, SoloPCB Designer. Consisting of schematic capture and PCB layout, SoloPCB Designer provides gives you access to powerful and professional design tools, with all the features and functionality of high-end commercial systems blended into an easy-to-use and learn system.

Sunstone Circuits PCB123
CONTACT: Customer Service
PHONE: 503.829.9109 / Toll Free (US & Canada) 800.228.8198
FAX: 503.829.6657
E-MAIL: support@sunstone.com
ADDRESS: 13626 S. Freeman Road
Mulino, Oregon 97042
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
Download Sunstone Circuits’ CAD Tool:
PCB123 is a PCB layout tool that provides the complete circuit board solution, design through order, for your prototyping and production PCB needs. PCB123 interactively checks your PCB prototype designs against our manufacturing tolerances (DRC), and also quotes your board as you design. You know the cost and lead time for your design even as you create it. Click the in-application ORDER button, and your boards are delivered in days.

Technology Sales, Inc.
CONTACT: Tom Clarke
PHONE: 801.572.1588
E-MAIL: tom@pcb-sw.com
ADDRESS: 1849 E. Michael Way,
Sandy Utah 84093
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
We sell and support Easy PC and Pulsonix in the United States.

* See web page for other office locations
PHONE: +46 8 792 2620
FAX: +46 8 758 7869
E-MAIL: visionics@bredband.net
ADDRESS: Ga Norrtaljev 97,
182 47 Enebyberg, Sweden
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
EDWin and EED III are totally integrated CAD/CAE software packages that completely integrate and automate the entire process between the design and manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards.

Comparison of Free EDA software
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
This is a comparison of Free Software / Open Source Electronic Design Automation software. Software that is not under a Free Software / Open Source license would be listed in comparison of EDA software.

Comparison of EDA software
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
This is a comparison of EDA software. Viewlogic by Synopsys, Allegro by Cadence and PADS by Mentor Graphics are the top three software in EDA software. Eagle software is also widely used among DIYers in Europe and north America.

CONTACT: Mirko Bruno
E-MAIL: support@zenitpcb.com
* PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
* Demo, Shareware, Freeware & Trial Offer Software
ZenitCapture Schematic is easy to learn and fast to use. Schematic designs can be created quickly using the easy-feature toolset available.
A schematic is a sketch of an electrical logic. It contains the electrical connection between component symbols by the use of signal wires. A schematic in ZenitCapture can have several pages and can be lead to a layout by a Netlist File.
ZenitPCB Layout is an excellent tool to create professional printed circuit board.
It is a flexible easy to use CAD program, which allow you to realize your projects in a short time.
ZenitPCB Layout is completely freeware for personal or semi-professional use, limited to 800 pins.

CONTACT: See web page
PHONE: U.S. Headquarters: 1.800.356.8352
Sales: 1.888.332.7227
Hotline: 1.800.447.7332
FAX: 1.978.692.4725
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: Zuken USA Inc. Headquarters
238 Littleton Road, Suite 100
Westford, Massachusetts, 01886, USA
Tel: +1.978.692.4900 / 800.356.8352
Fax: +1.978.692.4725
Zuken SOZO Center
Development Center for EDA solutions
2590 N First St, Suite 340
San Jose, California 95131, USA
Tel: +1.408.890.2831 / +1.800.356.8352
See web page for Zuken global directory
CATEGORIES: PCB Layout / Design / Schematic Capture / Autorouting Software
CR-8000: Product-centric 3D PCB Design Platform
Building a competitive product today is much more difficult than a few years ago. Existing PCB-centric design processes are limited to a single PCB and do not provide the necessary tools for today’s competitive product development environment. PCB-centric design processes are falling behind.
CR-8000 is a product-centric design solution that provides the tools to optimize a design at both the product and PCB design level. Product-centric design processes provide architectural validation of the design against product requirements. Validating the product architecture against the product requirements significantly reduces delivery risk. Product-centric detailed design includes 2D/3D multi-board design and implementation, FPGA I/O optimization, chip/package/board co-design, and 3D MCAD integration all in one design process.

CADSTAR: Cost-effective Single-board Design
CADSTAR is a complete design environment for PCB design – from initial concept through to product realization.
With a unified suite of applications, engineers can seamlessly define, visualize, implement and verify their designs.
Optimized for the typical small and mid-sized design team, it also appeals to individual all-rounders and corporations operating across multiple sites.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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