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Users Groups

The Autodesk User Group International (AUGI)

International Cadence Usergroup

Intercept users group


MUG, the International Mentor Graphics Users' Group
MUG, the International Mentor Graphics Users' Group, was formed in 1983. Its purpose is to provide users of Mentor Graphics products and/or services with:
1. A means for the exchange of technical, administrative, and management information pertaining to the use of these products and/or services;
2. Peer access with fellow users, networking, and camaraderie
3. Communication and liaison with Mentor Graphics on equipment, programming, maintenance, future enhancements, product direction, and other requirements for the users' application and planning.


Southeastern U.S.
Contact: Milli Reynolds
Pegasus Software Solutions
1009 Atlantic St., Suite 2,
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951
(407) 727-2728, fax (407) 727-3893
e-mail: pegasus@iu.net


BC PADS Users Group
Contact: Uwe Reisenleiter
Kolibri Designs Inc.
1630 Ferne Road, Gabriola, BC, Canada V0R 1X6
(250) 247-7109, fax (250) 247-7108
e-mail: uwe@kolibridesigns.com

Illinois PADS Users Group
Contact: Alan P. Lux
ameriCAD, 6906 W. Birchwood Ave.
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 647-9743, fax (847) 647-9744.

PADS Users Group of Southern California
Contact: Eric Rager
(714) 759-6975, fax (714) 729-1092
Meetings: second Thursdays.

Raleigh/Durham PADS Users Group
Contact: Keith Hamilton
Hamilton PCB Design
213 Caraway Lane
Apex NC 27502
(919)362-9393, fax (919)367-0607

Sierra/Sacramento Valley PADS Users Group
Contact: Greg Reyes
C&K Systems
(916) 353-5401, fax (916) 985-6851
e-mail: greyes@cksys.com
Meetings: held at C&K Systems corporate offices in Folsom, CA.

Upstate New York Users Group
Contact: Bruce W. Smith
PRO/CAD Technologies, Inc.
(716) 872-6290, fax (716) 872-2741

Washington/Baltimore PADS Users Group
Contact: Bob Shaver
Practical Micro Design Inc.
7432 Alban Station Blvd., Suite A-105,
Springfield, VA 22150-2321
(703) 912-4991, fax (703) 912-5849


Canadian PCAD Users Group (CPU)
Contact: Garry Hammond
P.O. Box 13012
Kanata, Ont., Canada K2K 1X4
(613) 765-4709 or (613) 599-4279
e-mail: garryh@igs.net

Club des Utilisateurs de PCAD
Contact: M. Faudet
108 rue de Picpus,
75012, Paris, France
(43) 43-9140, or M. Imbault, (69) 36-5050.

Dutch PCAD Users Group
Contact: P.J. Hendricks
Kernfys-isch Versneller Inst.,
Zernikelaan 25, 9747 AA Groningen, Netherlands
(31) 506-33609, fax (31) 506-34003

European PCAD Users Exchange (EPCUE)
Contact: Diane Munns
J.R. Douglas Ltd.
Manor Court, Bancroft, Hitchin, Herts, England SG5 1JW
(44) 0462 432640, fax (44) 0462 422383

Great Lakes PCAD Users Group, Ohio Chapter
Contact: Tom McDade, (248) 576-678
e-mail: tam11@chrysler.com

International PCAD Users Group (IPUG)
Contact: Henry Diaz
Brookhaven National Lab, Bldg. 510-D
Upton, NY 11973-5000
(516) 282-3413, fax (516) 341-1334
e-mail: diaz1@bnl.gov

Long Island Chapter Mid-Atlantic PCAD Users Group
Contact: Nancie Treiber, (201) 328-2983

Midwest PCAD Users Group
Contact: Doug Kmetz
15500 Wayzata Blvd. #1017,
Wayzata, MN 55391
(612) 476-1551.

New England PCAD Users Group (NEPUG)
Contact: Janice Lund
American Power Conversion
267 Boston Rd. #2,
Billerica, MA 01862
(508) 670-2440, ext. 207

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, Area Users
Contact: Sari Goldinger
CAD Products Inc.
One Eves Dr., Suite 115,
Marlton, NJ 08053
(609) 596-1300, fax (609) 596-6960.

PCAD Users Group of Atlanta (PUGA)
Contact: Euclid Batista
3496 Montreal Industrial Way,
Tucker, GA 30084,
(770) 496-8619

Portland PCAD Users Group
Contact: Carol O'Brien
Audio Precision
P.O. Box 2209,
Beaverton, OR 97075-3070
(503) 627-0832, fax (503) 641-8906

Texas PCAD Users Group
Contact: Doug Boone
Plano CAD Engineering
2828 W. Parker Rd., Suite B204,
Plano, TX 75075, (214) 985-1577

Washington PCAD Users Group
Contact: Wayne Wan Zandt
1407 166th Ave. NE, Suite 117,
Bellevue, WA 98004
(206) 462-7700.

Wisconsin PCAD Users Group (WIPUG)
Contact: Dave DeFebo
W239 N1690 Busse Rd.,
Waukesha, WI 53188
(414) 523-1100, fax (414) 523-1104

Join the Protel EDA user mailing list at:
The Protel Users Association uses the Techserv list for most support activity, but also maintains a number of Protel-related mailing lists.
Join the backup support list by sending email to protel-users-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
Contact: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax
email: abd@lomaxdesign.com


Denmark Chapter
Contact: Peter Dantzer
Herlev Hovedgade 199, DK-2730 Herlev
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 44 57 25 77, fax +45 44 57 20 01
e-mail: usergroup@dde-eda.com

Germany Chapter
Contact: Henrik Rasmussen
Herlev Hovedgade 199, DK-2730 Herlev
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 44 57 23 63, fax +45 44 57 20 01
e-mail: usergroup@dde-eda.com

Sweden/Finland Chapter
Contact: Thomas Ekerborn
DDE Sverige AB
Isafjordsgatan 11, S-164 40 Kista
Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 752 97 21, fax +46 8 752 97 82
e-mail: usergroup@dde-eda.com

US Chapter
Contact: Par Landberg
4400 MacArthur Blvd., 5th floor,
Newport Beach, CA
(949) 955-7977, fax (949) 955-4990
e-mail: usergroup@dde-eda.com


Theda Users Group
Contact: Kevin Rahaman
(614) 548-7878, fax (614) 548-6184
e-mail: krahaman@microind.com.


Valor Computerized Systems User Group
Contact: Chris Hyat
Valor Computerized Systems Inc.
(949) 586-5969, fax (949) 586-1343.


USA Zuken Americas User Group Conference
September 18 - 20, 2005
For upcoming events, please contact:
Amy Clements (amy.clements@zuken.com)

United Kingdom ZEDAC - Zuken Design Automation Conference
Autumn / Winter 2005
Details to follow...
For upcoming events, please contact:
Katinka Heinrichs (Katinka.Heinrichs@zuken.de)

Germany ZEDAC - Zuken Design Automation Conference
Autumn / Winter 2005
Details to follow...
For upcoming events, please contact:
Katinka Heinrichs (Katinka.Heinrichs@zuken.de)

France ZEDAC - Zuken Design Automation Conference
Autumn / Winter 2005
Details to follow...
For upcoming events, please contact:
Katinka Heinrichs (Katinka.Heinrichs@zuken.de)

Denmark Danish CADSTAR User Group
'Inspiration Day'
5 April
KIRK telecom A/S
Langmarksvej 34
8700 Horsens
For upcoming events, please contact:
Henrik Madsen (HM@kirktelecom.com)

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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