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Supplies and Consumables

American Circuit Technology
CONTACT: Dean McCellan
PHONE: 1.215.572.1543
FAX: 1.215.572.8015
E-MAIL: actpins@hotmail.com
ADDRESS: 215 Ruscombe Avenue (office)
Glenside, Pennsylvania 19038 USA
* Registration Pins
* Photoresists/Phototools-Supplies
* Supplies and Consumables
* Chemical Etching & Machining/Milling
Registration Pins applicable for fixed pinning process.
Photo-Tools for Printed Circuit Boards: Inner Layers, Flex Circuits, Screen Printing & lamination.
Pins are available in many standard configurations. Stainless Steel, Brass and Plastic.
ACT specializes in custom sizes and configurations.
If you have any "special need" please don't hesitate to fax/email us a print or a sketch of what you have in mind!

Fortex Engineering Ltd.
PHONE: +44 (0) 1522 718168
E-MAIL: sales@fortex.co.uk
ADDRESS: Fortex Ltd, Unit 16, Freeman Road,
Lincoln, LN6 9AP, United Kingdom
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Photoplotter & Laser Direct Imaging System Manufacturers
* Supplies and Consumables
Fortex Limited was founded in 1972 and continues to have an enviable reputation as a leading European designer, manufacturer and supplier of Production equipment principally for the production of Prototype or low volume quantities of Printed Circuit Boards and Photo Chemically Milled Etched Metal Parts.
Over the years Fortex has applied their Expertise in precision engineering to allow the development of a range of production equipment to meet the needs of customers that are typically Industrial Users including Electronics Manufacturers, Photo Fabrication and Photo Chemical Etching, Educational Establishments teaching Electronics , Sign Makers, Professional Model Kit Manufacturers and Engravers.
Fortex Machinery and Equipment is found worldwide in many Leading Educational Establishments including schools colleges, Universities, Cutting Edge Manufacturing Plants as well as research and development centres. The majority of the equipment is manufactured and assembled in house in the UK based dedicated manufacturing facility.
Due to the companies on going commitment of quality, value and enviable customer service we are able to offer an unrivalled range of products and service into global markets. Fortex exports worldwide through a network of sales representatives and service agents whom cover most Geographical areas, to communicate and service all of our customers needs.
Products include:
* Artwork Films & Pens
* Artwork Light Boxes
*Brush Cleaning Machines
*Chemicals and Etchants
*Circuit Design & PCB Layout Software
*CNC Centre Drilling & Routing
*Conveyorised Board Dryer Machines
*Conveyorised Spray Processing/Etching Machines
*Damper Cover Fabric
*Dip Coating Machines
*DRS Dust Removal Cleaning Rollers & Tacky Pads
*Dry Film Laminators
*Heating and Drying Ovens
*Ionex Water Treatment
*Marine Cameras
*Metal Shears and Precision Guillotines
*Multi Layer PCB Press
*PCB Assembly
*PCB Drilling & Routing Machines
*PCB Laminates
*PCB Processing Units & Tanks
*PCB Production Accessories
*Photo Plotters
*Rapid PCB Prototyping Centre
*Reflow Ovens
*Roller Tinning Machines
*Screen Printing
*SMT Prototyping Products
*Through Hole Plating Lines
*UV Exposure Units

J. Weaver Enterprises
CONTACT: John Weaver
PHONE: 510.794.8975
FAX: 510.792.9968
E-MAIL: john.weaver@johnweaver.com
ADDRESS: 4789 Granado Ave.
Fremont, California 94536
CATEGORIES: Miscellaneous Supplies and Sundries
Oliver Sales Chemistries (see below)
Stouffer 21-Step Wedges, 3M Tapes, Kimoto Pake Pens, Stoesser Register Systems, Aqua Ammonia, Nylon & Cotton Gloves, Xacto Blades and Knives, Photo Lamps (Olec, nuArc, Theimer, etc.,) Clean Room Garments, ALMA Tacky Floor Mats, Clean Room Wipes, Roconex Envelopes, Theimer Exposure Systems, Koh-i-nor Technical Pens, X-Rite Densitometers, Embossed, Clear, Anti-Static Polyester Films, Clean Room Roller and Pads
Oliver Sales Chemistries
Imaging Products
Dry Film & LPI Developers, Defoamers, Resist Strippers, LPI & Dry Film Soldermask Stripper
Cleaning and Etching Products
Emulsion Cleaner, Copper Brightener/Solder Stripper, Microetch(s),Acid Cleaner, Spray Equipment Cleaner
Solder Reflowing and Leveling Products
Microetch Cleaner, Reflow and Leveling Fluid, Reflow Flux, Air Knife Flux, Hot Oil Leveling Flux, Electroless Tin
Solder Stripping and Brightening Products
Solder Brightener, Non-Peroxide, 2 Step Solder Stripper, Peroxide Solder Stripper, Solder Stripper/Copper Brightener, Non-Thiourea Solder Brightener, Non-Peroxide, 1 Step Solder Stripper
Screening Products
Non-Glycol Either Screen Cleaner, Non-Chlorinated Screen Cleaner
Waste Treatment Products
Defoamers, Dry Film Waste Treatment Powder, Metal Precipitant, Oscofloc 1820A Anionic Polymer
Os-Tech Specialty Products
Teflon Etch Neutralizer, Fume Suppressant,Tarn Guard Anti-Tarnish
National Graphic Supply
PCI Diazo Films, Zig Opaque Touch Up Pens, Folex Diazo Films, WaterMizer Recirculator, Silver Films for Red, Blue, Green Lasers, Xacto Blades, Clean Room Film Storage Envelopes, ProGuard 1/4 mil Laminate Film, Tacky Rollers and Pads, Processor Cleaner Sheets, Filter Cartridges, Algae Clear for Film Processors

CONTACT: Ayse Sehhare Kizilirmak
PHONE: 0216 661 53 29 - 0216 661 53 30
FAX: 0216 661 53 28
E-MAIL: ayseerker@netpcb.com.tr
ADDRESS: Yedpa Ticaret Merkezi F91-92,
34779 Kayisdagi, Istanbul Turkey
CATEGORIES: Supplies and Consumables
NETPCB is a specialist manufacturer of high quality chemistry for Printed Circuit Board and Plating on Plastics Industry.
We also offer complete range of products for PCB production including laboratory chemicals.

We provide customer oriented service to assure that our products fit their needs and expectations.
Our working policy is to stand beside our customers and become their first choice in problem solving to increase their productivity, decrease their costs and share in their successes.

Manufacturer's Rep
CONTACT: Scott Blair
PHONE: 408.502.2543
E-MAIL: s_blair07@yahoo.com
CATEGORIES: Assembly Services / Contract Manufacturing / Project Management & Turnkey Services
* Equipment Manufacturers / Distributors / Fabrication Equipment
* Equipment Manufacturers Representatives
* Inspection Templates
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
* Printed Circuit Sales Reps.
* Solder Paste Stencil Manufacturers
* Supplies and Consumables
We offer a multitude of products and services to the PCB and EMS industries: PCB's, SMT Stencils, SMT Assembly Services, SMT Equipment, Solder Products, ESD Accessories and Capital Equipment.
* PCB's - Domestic / Offshore / RoHS or Non-RoHS
* Engineering Services
* Assembly Services / Consignment or Turnkey / NPI through Production / PCBA through System Integration / Test / Materials Mgmt

Safety Glasses USA, Inc.
PHONE: 1.800.870.6189
E-MAIL: info@sgusa.us
ADDRESS: PO Box 1021,
Three Rivers, Michigan 49093
CATEGORIES: Supplies and Consumables
Safety Glasses USA, Inc. is a factory authorized distributor of safety glasses and protective eyewear. We stock a wide selection of name brand safety glasses, bifocal safety glasses, goggles, shooting glasses, laser protection and more.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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