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Laminate Products & Supplies

Bangkok Industrial Laminate Company Limited
CONTACT: Douglas Lau
PHONE: +66 (0) 38 575028
FAX: + 66 (0) 38 575032
E-MAIL: bil@bil.co.th
ADDRESS: 180 Moo 7, Gateway Industrial Estate, General Industrial Zone
Huasamrong, Plangyao District, Chachoengsao 24190, Thailand
CATEGORIES: Laminate Products & Supplies
Bangkok Industrial Laminate (BiL) Company Limited specializes in Copper Foil Manufacturing serving the PCB and CCL industries since its establishment in 1994.
BiL uses its state-of-the-art technology to produce high quality products for the ever-demanding electrical and electronic industries.
The products offered include: Copper foils as well as Copper tapes with adhesive (for EMI filtering), from a thickness of 9 to 140 micron.
In order to protect the environment, BiL offers products which are arsenic free.

CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: 949.587.3200
E-MAIL: info@insulectro.com
ADDRESS: 20362 Windrow Drive
Lake Forest, California 92630 USA
* Laminate Products & Supplies
* Supplies and Consumables
For over fifty years, Insulectro has set the pace for the continually evolving high tech electronics business. We learned to stock critical PCB materials close to clients.
To make selling a personal commitment. To deliver orders at the speed of light.And, to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers to ensure performance.

Isola Laminate Systems
CONTACT: Customer Service
PHONE: 800.845.2904 / 480.893.6527
FAX: 480.893.1409
E-MAIL: info@isola-usa.com
ADDRESS: 7400 West Detroit St. Suite 170
Chandler Arizona 85226 USA
CATEGORIES: Laminate Products and Supplies
Isola is a global leader in the market for the design and production of innovative base materials used as the foundation for printed circuit boards. Our commitment is to develop and manufacture advanced interconnect solutions that help our customers meet their market's needs.
Isola Laminate Systems Corporation, the U.S. subsidiary of Isola AG, is the largest supplier of these materials in North America. We manufacture at three locations in the U.S. and are headquartered in Chandler, Arizona.
Our manufacturing processes for Laminates and Prepregs use state of the art Technologies such as closed loop Feed forward and Feedback cure and thickness control systems in Treating to ensure composite integrity, innovative controlled environment and handling systems in lay up to deliver excellent surface quality, and controlled rheology coupled with tailored recipes in Pressing to deliver tight dielectric thickness control. Isola's streamlined and lean manufacturing processes are geared towards providing extremely fast manufacturing/delivery cycle times to its customers.
Isola products are used in a wide range of applications including high-end computing, telecommunications, military medical, industrial, automotive, wireless communications, servers, routers, and others.

PCB Material World
PHONE: 847.809.2757
FAX: 847.963.8045
E-MAIL: pcbmaterialworld@comcast.net
ADDRESS: 1149 Del Mar Dr.
Palatine, Illinois 60067 USA
CATEGORIES: Laminate Products and Supplies
PCB Material World™ is an independent distributor and market maker of PCB raw materials, located in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. We buy, list and sell PCB Raw materials such as Copper Clad Laminates, Copper Foil, Drill Backer and Entry, among other items.
We concentrate on making a market in ready to ship PCB raw materials, with an emphasis on high end and/or hard-to-find products such as microwave materials, colors, heavy coppers, and obsolete and other non standard products.

PACOTHANE Technologies
CONTACT: Olga Nazario – Office / Inisde Sales Director
PHONE: 781.729.0927
FAX: 781.729.0929
E-MAIL: Info@Pacothane.com
ADDRESS: 76 Holton Street
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801 USA
CATEGORIES: Laminate Products & Supplies
PACOTHANE Technologies is a worldwide leader in supplying Lamination Assist Materials as it relates to the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards and in other markets where Lamination is a principal component of manufacturing. Our core products center on Release Films, Conformal Release Films, Pressure Equalization Press Pads and how they can enhance our customers ability to improve their process yields and control costs. Our products are engineered to allow our customers to get a step closer to “zero defect” in production. Our focus and success has always been aimed at eliminating hidden variables that are common causes for scrap and reworks in the Lamination Process.
PACOTHANE Technologies is the only supplier of Lamination Assist Products that is fully vertically integrated. Our company conceives products, manufactures them in-house, performs value-added fabrication services when asked, warehouses them and then, sells these proprietary products directly to distributors, strategically located worldwide. PACOTHANE Technologies is truly the “World Leader in Lamination Enhancement Products” supplying several thousand PCB shops and leading laminators in 35 countries.
Please contact us through www.Pacothane.com for any technical assistance or product inquiry.

Rogers Corporation
CONTACT: Sales / Support
PHONE: Toll free: 1.877.643.7701 / Local: 480.917.6000
FAX: 480.857.2819
E-MAIL: Contact form on web page
ADDRESS: Corporate Headquarters
2225 W. Chandler Blvd.
Chandler, Arizona 85224 USA
CATEGORIES: Laminate Products & Supplies
At Rogers Corporation, we are passionate about helping the world's leading innovators solve their toughest material challenges and create a cleaner, safer, and more connected world.
We are the world’s technology leaders in innovative solutions for power electronics, advanced foams for cushioning and protective sealing, and high-frequency printed circuit materials. When reliability, efficiency and performance are critical, design engineers partner with Rogers to develop and deliver the material technologies they require.

Ventec International Group
PHONE: +86.512.68091810
E-MAIL: sales@ventec.com.cn
ADDRESS: Headquarters
308 Taishan Rd.
New District, Suzhou Jiangsu, PRC 215129 China
CATEGORIES: Laminate Products & Supplies
Ventec designs, develops, manufactures and sells high quality copper clad laminates and prepreg bonding materials for the fabrication of a wide variety of printed circuit board (PCB) applications.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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