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Electronic Components: Suppliers / Distributors / Reps

Quick links for Electronic Component Distributors:

Galco Industrial Electronics
Digikey Electronics
Mouser Electronics
Newark Electronics
Arrow Electronics

CNC Electronics LLC
Contact: Teresa
Phone: 434.971.1394
Fax: 434.971.1689
E-mail: sales@cnc-electronics.com
Address: 2020 Avon Court,
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902.
CATEGORIES: Electronic Component Suppliers / Distributors / Reps
CNC Electronic Specialists. Parts, repair, exchange, used ex-stock exchange. Includes drive units, control pcbs and power supplies, monitors and motors, and lots more for Fanuc, GE and GE Fanuc.

Components Source
CONTACT: Claude Lacassagne
PHONE / FAX: +33 556 08 20 35
E-MAIL: lacassagne.consultant@wanadoo.fr
ADDRESS: 84 rue des Pins Francs, 33200 Bordeaux, France
CATEGORIES: Electronic Component Suppliers / Distributors
Components Source ia a portal for the Electronics Components Industry.
There are 6000 companies cited in the most complete database of electronic components manufacturers and distributors within Europe. This is the best way to find the suppliers you are looking for, with a direct link to their web sites! It includes Manufacturers' addresses and their distributors list, Distributors' addresses and their line card.
Other features of this web page include a part search, datasheets, design in, market places, links to: PCB industry quote services, The Electric Power Supply Association, contract manufacturers, consulting services, industry magazines, associations, events, services and more.

Evergreen Material Partners, Inc.
CONTACT: John Cottenmyre
PHONE: 603.766.4500
FAX: 603.766.4530
E-MAIL: john@evergreenmp.com
ADDRESS: 189 Lafayette Road, Unit 2,
North Hampton, New Hampshire 03862
CATEGORIES: Electronic Component Suppliers / Distributors / Reps
We are a STOCKING distributor of electronic components.. anything board-level and more.
We also purchase excess material from manufacturers and contract manufacturers.

Galco Industrial Electronics
PHONE: 800.575.5562
FAX: 248.542.8031
E-MAIL: websales@galco.com
ADDRESS: 26010 Pinehurst Drive
Madison Heights, Michigan 48071
CATEGORIES: Electronic Component Suppliers / Distributors / Reps
Galco Industrial Electronics Inc., was established in 1975 as a distributor of Industrial and Commercial Electrical and Electronic Control, Automation and Motion Products, Repair and Engineering Services.
Our goal is to provide professionals with a complete array of industrial electronic control capabilities and innovative solutions.

Global Sources
Category: Electronic Components
Global Sources Electronic Components is targeted at purchasing managers/volume buyers of electronic components.
Besides featuring one of the largest databases of passive components and suppliers from Asia, the website offers industry professionals all the tools they need: latest product information, industry news, market trends, pricing information and technology updates.
A key feature of the website is the powerful Specification Search function, which enables users to search components by key specifications, reducing their sourcing time to minutes.
* Active and Passive Components
* Electromechanical and Interconnects
* Subassemblies and Parts
* Equipment and Supplies
* Displays
* Optoelectronic Components
* Connectors
* Batteries
* Power Supplies
* Resistors
* Capacitors

Hybrid Electronics Corporation
CONTACT: Customer Service
PHONE: 407.542.3995
FAX: 407.542.3999
E-MAIL: sales@hybridelectronics.com
ADDRESS: 206 Reece Way, Suite 1524
Casselberry, Florida 32707
CATEGORIES: Electronic Component Suppliers / Distributors / Reps
"Hard to find parts, obsolete parts, highly allocated parts, semiconductors, connectors, switches, capacitors, relays, fuses, inductors, resistors, wire & cable & more."
Hybrid Electronics is a value added, broadline distributor of board level electronic components. Our clients include major manufacturers, C.E.M.'s, R&D facilities, and repair shops worldwide.
Hybrid Electronics stocks connectors, discrete semiconductors, relays, switches, passive components, integrated circuits, memory products, and much more.
We are fully EOS/ESD compliant and ship our inventory same day from our automated wharehouse.
Ask us about hard to find electronic components!
Our engineering department and staff of procurement & logistics professionals will provide you with solutions for pushed out deliveries, allocation, or obsolescence.
With over a half million line items in our warehouse, it's no wonder that we keep our customers happy and production lines moving!
Hybrid Electronics, “the strongest link in your supply chain management!”

CONTACT: Danilo Lauta
PHONE: +33 787721195
E-MAIL: info@microrel.com
ADDRESS: Via delle SASSETE n.33 CP. 00065
CATEGORIES: Electronic Component Suppliers / Distributors / Reps
MICROREL is a Consultant & Representative organization of Electronic components and RF Microwave Technologies, for AEROSPACE and DEFENCE sectors.
With over 30 years of expertise in EEE parts procurement Components of Military Standard requirements (MIL/SMD, ESA/ESCC) through Environmental, Screening, Reliability and Hardness to Radiations compliance.

Wholesale Electronics, Inc.
PHONE: 1.605.996.2233
FAX: 605.996.4300
E-MAIL: wei@weisd.com
ADDRESS: 123 West 1st. Ave. P.O. Box 1011
Mitchell, South Dakota 57301
CATEGORIES: Electronic Parts and Components
Wholesale Electronics has been established in Mitchell, South Dakota for over twenty years. Providing electronic parts and accessories for the communications industry, education, hospitals, amateur radio enthusiasts, hobbyists, engineers, information services and consumer electronics retailers and repair centers.
Wholesale Electronics Inc. offers secure on-line shopping for audio and video accessories, commercial sound, cellular phone, datacomm and telephone, home automation, test equipment, power conditioners and ups systems, CCTV systems, tools, computer accessories.
We are a full line distributor for South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska and now the world. We promise secure worry free on-line transactions. If you would like to order via telephone please contact us via our toll free number (800-351-2233) or fax (605-996-4300). Wholesale Electronics offers wholesale and discount pricing.
Wholesale Electronics will ship to anywhere in the United States.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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