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Data Conversion Services

AcAe (American Computer Aided Engineering)
CONTACT: Bill Basten
PHONE: 407.660.3140 / Toll free 800.256.9026
FAX: 407.660.3057
E-MAIL: info@acae.com
ADDRESS: 1057 Maitland Center Commons Blvd.,
Maitland, Florida 32751
* Printed Circuit Design & Layout Services
* Gerber Editors / Viewers, Data Conversion & Translation Software
* Data Conversion Services
AcAe is the leader in supplying engineering contractors, consultants and an In-house service bureau for all electronic design automation (EDA) needs. We have built a solid reputation as a forward thinking and reliable provider of well-trained, responsible technical consultants and contractors for any need.
We currently offer the following services:
 * Schematic Capture
* PCB Layout
* Library Setup, Services and Part Creation
* System Administration and Management
* Customized Coding and Script Writing
* Process Control
* System Set-up and Consulting
* Migration-Conversions/Translations
Tools we use:
* Cadence
* Zuken
* Intercept
* Altium

Elgris Technologies, Inc.
CONTACT: Igor Luvishis
PHONE: +1.707.237.2794
FAX: +1.707.573.0237
E-MAIL: sales@elgris.com
ADDRESS: 465 Stony Point Road, #236,
Santa Rosa, California 95401
CATEGORIES: Data Conversion Services, Front-End Engineering Services
Elgris provides high quality schematics and symbol libraries conversion services between various EDA platforms (Cadence, Mentor, Zuken, Altium, EDIF, etc.). Elgris schematic conversion services come with a guarantee Elgris guarantees 100% netlist conversion on all services it performs. Elgris provides schematic conversion services between:
* Altium PCAD
* Altium Designer
* Cadence OrCAD
* Cadence ConceptHDL
* Mentor PADS Powerlogic
* Mentor DxDesigner
* Mentor DesignCapture
* Mentor Design Architect
* Zuken Cadstar
* EDIF200
* EDIF300
and other formats

EverythingPCB Data Conversion Services
PHONE: 408.799.8900

ADDRESS: 5275 Camden Ave. #211
San Jose, California 95124
CATEGORIES: Data Conversion Services, Front-End Engineering Services
We've been in the PCB Industry since 1973. We've seen it all and done it all.
From minor to major Gerber edits to merging several PCB's together to save fabrication costs to full blown tooling to converting CAD data we are your best choice.
Click here for more information on our services and see a full list of the data formats we work with.

CONTACT: Paul J. Fedorys III, President
PHONE: 631.440.4423
E-MAIL: paul@gerberdata.com
ADDRESS: 39 Bowne Avenue,
Blue Point, New York 11715
CATEGORIES: Data Conversion Services
Since 1997, our founder has been working with the various forms of gerber data in many different scenarios. With over 20 years of combined experience in the electronics industry, the engineers at GerberData.com can assist your needs whether it is simple advice or a complex problem.
Our services include: Reverse Engineering, Gerber to CAD / ICT / SMT and Gerber DFM.
Gerber formats we work with:
RS-274-D/X Barco DPF Fire 9000
CAD Databases:
Accel EDA Allegro (ODB++) Board Station GenCAD P-CAD 2004 PowerPCB TangoPRO Visula CADIF
ECAM DSN IPC-D-350 IPC-D-356( a ) ODB++

Gray PCB Services
CONTACT: James Gray
PHONE: 850.217.0520
E-MAIL: jim@graypcbservices.com
ADDRESS: 7357 Westminster Dr.
Navarre, Florida 32566
* Artwork Scanning Services
* Data Conversion Services
* Photoplotting/Photomasks - Services
* Front-End Engineering Services
* Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers
Scanning Services - Gray PCB Services can capture an intelligent database from your artwork - film, paper drawings and even bare boards.
Database Conversions - Gray PCB Services can support many types of design format conversions, providing the customer a database with intelligent symbols and connectivity. Also dxf and dwg files can be converted to a gerber file database.
Photoplotting Services - Gray PCB Services can provide you with photoplots from your gerber data. Upon request, plot files recieved by 2pm CST can ship the same day for next day delivery.
Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing - If your looking for someone to manufacture your pc boards, Gray PCB Services can provide you with that as well.

PCB Data Services
CONTACT: Van Gregg
PHONE: 602.400.5526
E-MAIL: van@pcbdataservices.com
ADDRESS: 15850 N Thompson Peak Pkwy # 1027,
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
CATEGORIES: Artwork Scanning Services / Data Conversion Services
Fast Service, competetive pricing, high quality clean centerline Gerber data.

Web www.everythingpcb.com

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